The Chicago Actors Studio – Home to Legends of the Stage and Screen

The Chicago Actors Studio is a well established acting training institution with roots going as far back as 1946 when renowned acting training coach and actor Ted Liss decided to share his masterful skills of turning ordinary everyday individuals into top known professional actors of stage, screen and television.

Chicago Actors Studio – Home to Legends of the Stage and Screen

Students that emerged to stardom working with Ted Liss include Tom Bosley, from the hit TV show “Happy Days,” Oscar winner, Geraldine Page, from the film, “The Trip to Bountiful,” Billy Campbell, from the TV show “Crime Stories,” and star of the Disney film, “The Rocketeer,” Robert Urich, starring in the TV show “Spencer For Hire,” and Academy Award nominee Virginia Madsen, among many many more.

Upon his death in 1992, then current student of Ted Liss, Edward Dennis Fogell; with an impressive resume in his own right, picked up the staff and carried forward his teaching and legacy with The Chicago Actors Studio cultivating many more fine professionals of the arts.

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The Method, by Stanislavsky

The Chicago Actors Studio is rooted in “The Method,” the cornerstone of professional training, created by Constantin Stanislavsky, learned by countless famous award winning actors and actresses of film and television and reportedly taught by the Lee Strasberg institute in New York and West Hollywood, Uta Hagen, and Stella Adler to name a few.

Meisner Approach

The Chicago Actors Studio workshops also reportedly incorporate the teaching of Sanford Meisner and the 12 Guideposts of Michael Shurtleff, which are said to include the techniques devised from the teachings of Stanislavsky himself, but reportedly approaching them from other innovative perspectives.

Building a Community of Lifetime Friends and Career Support

The Chicago Actors Studio states that, “Since each individual is unique, teachers at The Chicago Actors Studio give each student special individualized attention, utilizing these various tools and combinations to whatever extent necessary to tap into and bring about each student’s unique creative inner-self. This specialized attention, not seen at any other school, is extended even far after a student may graduate, venturing out into the wonderful worlds of Stage, Screen, Television and industrial markets.”

The school adds, “A student may always find support needed at CAS, while actively pursuing their passions.” And they add, “We are dedicated to each and every student that passes through our doors.”

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