Satanism is Alive and Well in America Reports Bruce Edwin

Film producer, and subculture expert Bruce Edwin states today on Halloween that – contrary to claims made by false mainstream reporters- Satanism is indeed alive and well in America and around the world. He states that due to the internet, Satanists are more united than ever thorough online social networking, blogs, websites, video, and e-mail.

Bruce Edwin adds however, that Satanism largely poses no threat. “Most Devil worshipers are broke, and pose little or no threat to society.” He continues, “Card carrying members of ‘The Church of Satan’ are more of an elite form of egoists and followers of Nietzsche than a group to be feared.” Yet he adds, “A small fringe within the Satanic movement that identifies not only with a police state mentality but even more so with Nazism, are the real negative force within the group.”

“These are” he states, “not merely the eye for an eye Satanists, but the small percent within the small group that not only deliberately worship evil and love evil but also want to commit evil in its greatest form, which for this group, is Nazism.” He continues, “These are not just the few handful of criminal Satanists like the church burners, cat killers, or the funeral and morgue workers with a death fetish… these are usually the ones engaged in child trafficking, child abductions, forced pornography through drugging and slavery, and ritual murder.”

He goes on, “Not all Satanists who flirt with Nazi imagery are dangerous, In fact most are not, and merely use the imagery as a shock tactic to be rebellious, and who like to flaunt the idea that they know the origin of the Nazi symbol – the sun wheel.”

Bruce Edwin states, “Most parents whose kids are into Satanism have little to worry about, and the more they try to fight it generally the more the kids will be attracted to it.” He adds, “Satanism for most kids is a flash in the pan and the height of being rebellious. Enable your kids to be free to talk with you about anything and everything without fear, and you will generally find that they are simply bored or trying to assert their independence.”

Yet he continues, “Underground Nazi’s are a real threat, and this is the true movement to be aware of that has existed since Hitler and is not going away.” He adds, “The teenage Satanist is generally not the one to worry about, it’s the old school Nazi, the old Nazi’s in hiding, the Nazi’s that get in positions of power and control large sums of money or people. Nazism is the real enemy today that needs snuffed out.” He concludes, “People can deny that fact or say that Nazism today not exist, but those people are living in denial. Nazism today is largely a widespread, powerful, covert agenda, but they are building strongly internally, and their actions are very real, widespread and deadly.”

Bruce Edwin is editor of The Hollywood Sentinel and President of Starpower Management, the celebrity model and talent firm. He is also entertainment editor of subnormal magazine, the online magazine which began in the 90’s as a hard copy publication exploring music, film, and counter cultural movements. Contact Bruce at