Results are in for The 2014 Benchmark Survey By Melinda Brody and Company

The results for Melinda Brody and Company’s 2014 Benchmark Survey are in. Each year the company compiles a detailed report for its new homebuilding clients that show each company where it ranks nationwide among other home builders in several key areas of the new home sales process.

This much anticipated survey tracks the results of all of the video mystery shops Melinda Brody and Company has done throughout the year. All scores are compiled and then assigned a percentage to show clients where they stand in comparison with other builders across the country.

“I have had the privilege of conducting over 900 video shops for 44 builder divisions in 2014,” explained Melinda Brody, President of Melinda Brody and Company. “The Benchmark Study compiles all the results from the shops and allows us to analyze and see the ‘trends’ that are taking place in the home building industry.It gives our clients an opportunity to see where they rank among other builders, the areas where they are doing extremely well, and the areas where improvement is possible. It also allows us to put our finger on the pulse of what is going on nationwide in the homebuilding industry.”

In 2014, 44 different builder divisions were video mystery shopped and the results are comprised in the Benchmark Survey. The survey, available exclusively to Brody’s clients, is a viable tool that tracks industry trends and other important pertinent data. Findings rate builders’ sales teams in the areas of registration, model and home site demonstration, the builder’s story, closing, and follow up.

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