ISIS-Linked Group Hacks Newsweek’s Twitter Feed

On Tuesday, February 10, a hacker group called Cyber Caliphate hacked Newsweek’s Twitter Feed. The group claims to be associated with the militant group called ISIS or Islamic State. IBT media, the publisher of the International Business Times, owns the US magazine Newsweek.

IBT media said in a statement that they are aware that the account was hacked and Twitter’s support team has regained control of the Newsweek Twitter account.

Kira Bindrim, Newsweek managing editor, apologized to their readers for any offensive post they might have received during the hacking period. She further added that the company is taking all necessary steps to tighten its newsroom security measures.

The hacker group posted threatening messages to US President Barack Obama. They also replaced Newsweek’s account profile picture and banner with pictures of a masked man and the Black Standard flag.

The U.S. Magazine did not reveal how the hackers were able to access its Twitter account.

As the hacking group targeted the Obama family, the FBI has taken the responsibility of investigating the hack.

In a separate incident on the same day, Delta Air Lines Facebook page was compromised and flooded with obscene images. The identity of the Delta hackers still remains hidden in mystery.

PC World reported that businesses should adopt necessary measures to safeguard their account against hackers. According to Security experts, people should go for lengthy passwords. And if the site offers two-factor authentication, experts recommend enabling this feature.

Two-factor authentication systems issue a special code to users that they must enter, along with their username and password, to gain access to their account. The secret one-time code is usually sent to users mobile devices.