Michael Jackson’s Guitarist Manager Bruce Edwin Reports on Autopsy Summary

Bruce Edwin, who is CEO of the celebrity talent management firm Starpower Management, who managed guitarist David Williams (guitarist on Thriller, Off the Wall, etc., who also passed on last year), states, “I have reviewed over twenty pages of the coroners and criminalist report of Michael today, and what fans of Michael should know from these findings are the following; Number one, Michael Jackson was, although too thin, at nearly six foot and 136 pounds, generally in good health.

Secondly, details Mr. Edwin, 7 drugs were found in his system, and two in particular, propofol, and benzodiazepine, caused his death due to creating the inability to breath and undue strain being put on his heart due to these drugs.

Thirdly, Bruce Edwin continues, the autopsy, which involved many biopsies of various parts of the body and organs, concluded the experts’ findings that Michael most likely did not administer these drugs into himself.

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Mr. Edwin, who is also a producer, and attended the repass of Mr. Jackson, lastly states, I feel that the family knows who is responsible for the tragic loss of life of the world’s biggest star, and music’s legend. I feel they know who did it, and they are going after him. It won’t bring Michael back, but it will help them with some closure, and they deserve it.