Should Children Be Allowed to Take Daggers Into School?

I often search the vast platter of news the Internet places before me, combing through the medley of rubbish uninteresting volovants, hoping to find a nice piece of quiche hidden somewhere in the middle, with such an intense flavour that I feel compelled to share it with friends. It’s these tiny morsels of news that really get me buzzing. They can be brilliant stories, tales of woe and despair, something that makes me smile, but more often than not it’s something that sends me into a flurry of blind anger, God I love it.

Today was one of those days, where a big chunk of quiche poked out of the BBC’s Iceland party platter, it was marvellous. And it leads me on to a question. Would you let your child go to school, in the knowledge that some pupils were carrying daggers? Not knives (they’re far too safe), daggers. Actually, would you as an adult feel safe been near anyone carrying a dagger? I’d hope your answer was no, and that you’d probably alert the police upon your dagger discovery. But what if the police told you that the children/grown-ups carrying these malicious looking things were neatly tucked between the lines of the law?

Hmm. I bet you’d kick off. But then you’d be an irrational suppressive turd, apparently. You see, this is no ordinary dagger, it’s a Kirpan, a symbol of the Sikh religion. And according to Britain’s first Sikh judge, Sir Mota Singh, it’s a Sikhs right to have this dagger on their possession at all times. It’s seen as a symbol of their religion, like a turban, and a form of defence… But none the less, this is a weapon.

I respect all beliefs and religions, but am I been unreasonable to suggest that allowing children into schools with razor-sharp, Indiana Jones style daggers, is a bit…daft? Personally I don’t even think there should be a debate about the issue, just a straight ‘Sorry, but no’. They are children, and all it takes it one been a bit stupid to cause a horrific accident. In my old school we weren’t allowed to use proper scissors, so why should some children be allowed to carry daggers? Anyway, I always thought it was illegal to carry a blade…

Joe Garnett is 18 years old, born and raised in Leeds, UK. He is furthering his education in Journalism, and is a freelance writer, recently producing a number of articles for UK magazines.