Likoba Models: Benefit for ‘Angel Babies…Gone too soon’

Last Thursday at The Production Lounge, Likoba Models presented Sophistication Fashion Show 2009. As always, the cause is worthy, the style elegant, the ladies lovely, and the atmosphere electric.

Founder of Likoba Models, Agathe Likoba guides an international group of newcomers in the fashion and design industry to help them develop skills and attitudes for success. Her fashion shows also promote philanthropic causes with over have the proceeds donated to charity.

Angel Babies…Gone too soon was created by bereaved parents out of their personal need for support and in the memory of their beloved babies. It is a volunteer organization that provides grieving parents with resources and email support to help them with their grief.”

First, makeup artists and fitters work hard, lights and cameras set. Then the chic garment display, smooth glamour with beautiful smiles and not so subtle attitudes, color and movement, texture, all part of what goes into a Fashion Show.

Lenmarie Pascall (Pink) makeup by Diane AND Crystal Anderson – makeup by Vesta / Wearing Malika Romeo and Moneysha Walker

The Designers:

Dana Kelly

[email protected]

Danielle Cicero

[email protected]

Malika Romeo & Moneysha Walker

[email protected]

Pretoria Monique (Display in Soho’s “Runway Boutique”)


Special thanks to Anna Burlyaeva, always ready to lend a hand.

About The Production Lounge:

The Fashion Show created an apropos atmosphere for the Lounge’s unique open space and balcony. Owner Joe Ariola explains, “The Lounge is all about exposure, established artists as well as Open-Mic nights that bring anybody and everybody.”

The Production Lounge

113 Franklin Street

Brooklyn, NY (718) 482-6900

Announcer with Libra Jiminez (Center wearing Dana Kelly) and Agathe Likoba

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