Former Miss Austria Beauty Becomes Queen of Indie Cinema

An actress since nine years old, former Miss Vienna and Miss Austria – Inge Jaklin returns to the big screen this summer, in not one, but three indie hits. A golden age beauty, the actress saw the sign of things to come when she won the Film Star of Tomorrow award in Austria at age 16.

At 17, she had her first starring role, after jetting around the globe next for the Miss World Pageant that landed the young model in Hollywood where eyes of the studios were on the young talent.

Inge Jaklin made early fame in the legendary TV show ‘Hogan’s Heroes,’ and ‘It Takes A Thief’ with Robert Wagner among more. After theatrical appearances in films including ‘In Like Flint’ among others, Inge Jaklin launched a successful singing career that spanned the globe, singing on the TV show ‘Backstage Life,’ ‘Life Across America,’ starring on the strip in Las Vegas, and being elected to sing for President George W. Bush among more.

inge Jaklin

Inge Jaklin has now come full circle back to her acting abilities, now starring in three indie films directed by Michael Donahue; ‘Pooltime’- as Mama Anna- a hilarious comedic love story set in the Hollywood Hills, now available on DVD, ‘The Extra’-another upcoming comedy about a bad boy movie star who books himself as a background movie player for a joke that goes all wrong, and also, ‘Visitor From Planet Omicron,’ in which she plays Frieda, an Earthling invaded by aliens bent on overtaking Earth.

When she isn’t singing, acting, or rescuing wildlife, Inge spends time with her children and her famous pet Cockatoo birds that fit right in with the wild life of Hollywood. A special woman, and a rare entertainer, Inge Jaklin is speeding up, while some half her age slow down. She is living her bliss through her art, and in the process, adding happiness to the lives of the fortunate that she touches with her life.

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