Can The American Entrepreneurial Spirit Survive This Double Dip?

As the voice of Small Business predicts more reductions in work forces, TURNAROUND KING, Grant Cardone reveals a plan to salvage the American Dream of business ownership.

The New York Times cites a recent report for the National Federation of Independent Businesses which forecasts another round of workforce reductions from small businesses. The NFIB says, “The Index of Small Business Optimism fell 0.3 points in May to 90.9. This month marks the third monthly decline in a row. The proximate cause is the fact that 1 in 4 owners still report weak sales as their top business problem.”


How can the vicious cycle be broken of unemployment leading to reduced consumer buying power leading to failing businesses?

One man, Grant Cardone, sales and economy expert, NY Times Best Selling author, and entrepreneur has a plan to bring American Businesses back to life in the face of all this bad news. Cardone’s success in this arena has earned him the title of “Turnaround King” and his work is documented in a two part special on National Geographic Channel Sunday, June 19th at 9pm ET/PT.

I just got a leaked paper of Grant Cardone’s strategy, and this is what he is going to discuss on the show; He states, “1) Identify the ‘right’ problem, 2) Attack it with commitment and complete unreasonableness, and 3) See it through until resolved or die trying.” Let’s hope for their sake, it’s not the latter.

“Most American businesses are still hurting,” says Mr. Cardone. “Small businesses are still in peril with no credit lines and very little or no cash. Many are still behind with vendors and the financial and emotional damage will last for years. America needs solutions not more reporting of the problems. Sunday night I will demonstrate with two very different businesses what America must do to solve their financial problems in “TurnAround King.”

“A business is no different than a family’s budget, or even a country’s financial woes,” Grant Cardone explained. “The same steps are required to turn things around for success. Families in financial trouble will benefit as much as businesses from the show.”

Catch TurnAround King on National Geographic Channel this Sunday, June 19th at 9pm Pacific and 9pm Eastern and watch Grant Cardone show how it’s done.

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