Film Trailer in Full Swing Recently as Reported By Heather Steht

Personal assistant to the producers of film “Hanging Millstone” announced the update of the film’s (and its trailer’s) production. She, Heather Steht, also reported that the film has been in full swing shooting scenes to be used in its trailer and/or the film itself. A few of the film’s shoot locations have been in Naples, Punta Gorda and Fort Myers, Florida.

Film’s Production Company

Heather Steht

Curtis and Kelley Collins own Three C’s Productions, and of course with such a huge project as this feature film, they have worn many hats. Due, now though, to their growing production team, they are able to relinquish some of the responsibilities to others. Heather Steht is one of those important people!


After the summer months were spent casting, Three C’s Productions began shooting the thriller drama film “Hanging Millstone.” The film’s cast and crew began rehearsals and shooting in different locations since mid-August. Curtis Collins is the film’s writer and director, and Kelley Causey (Collins) is the script editor. The Collins’ new personal assistant is Heather Steht, who not only assists them on this film project, but she will also portray an important film role as a mother as well. She will be “mother” to character Tesha Andrews played by actress Kaycie Lee. Kaycie is on far right in the on set photo.

Cast members on set

Shoot Locations

Some of the film’s shooting locations included GETTVLIVE Studio in Naples, downtown Fort Myers, plus the nightclub Viva and at an attorney’s office in Fort Myers. There has been a huge turnout for both the film’s rehearsals and shoots, with many more to follow. If you have not read about this film you might have caught it on one of several TV News “alerts” or interviews.

Cast and Crew

Another important production team member is the film’s cinematographer Erik Krefeld. His wife Prana Songbird (center of on set photo), who will portray Melinda in the film, is also an important aspect behind the scenes. Others, including new team members, are Erik Krefeld, Ernesto Lasso de la Vega, Falia Justima, Carissa-Marie Williams, Dr. Joe Reyes, Carrie Belluso, Kaycie Lee and many others.

kelley and curt
Kelley and Curtis Collins

Heather Steht was in charge as personal assistant to Kelley and Curtis Collins. She also contacted all cast and crew of their upcoming responsibilities. Some of those included rehearsal and shoot dates, locations, script info reminders, and more.

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To those who have been part of the film, Heather Steht has been in touch by email concerning all updates. This film, found on IMDb, is in constant preparation due to all the details involved.

Learn more about the film at Facebook, IMDb and at its website The trailer should be released soon!