5 Travel Apps to Enjoy The Holidays

There is nothing like a few days of blissful vacation after months of hard work. Whether it is a long vacation, or a short holiday, you just want it to be perfect and there are many apps on iOS as well as Android, which will help you do just that. Today, there is an app for everything, there is even one that can help pot smokers to connect and date? You get the gist. So, here, we bring you the top five apps that will help you plan the perfect holiday.


Hipmunk is the ultimate travel planner. Of course, just like any other travel planner, you can book flights and hotels on the app. But what makes this awesome is its human aspect. For every flight, it displays an agony index depending on flight duration, price, number of stops, and so on. For hotels, it displays ecstasy index based on price, amenities, reviews, and so on. A heat index even lets you know how far a hotel is to shopping, dining and entertainment options.


Whether you are travelling for the first time, or a thousandth time, you will never run out of use for this app. TripAdvisor is where you will find honest reviews from millions of travelers on restaurants, hotels, attractions, and other establishments. You will also find everything from prices, food type, and images, to ratings and reviews, on establishments across the globe. Moreover, since everything is generated by people like you, and not corporates, you can completely trust these reviews.


When you visit a place, you will need transportation to check out all the places you like. Blacklane will directly connect you with one of it’s thousands of professionals drivers around the world. The prices are fixed and a variety of services are available. Whether you are looking to book a normal taxi, or a limousine ride to a romantic restaurant in Paris, Blacklane is the best application for the purpose. It is among the fastest growing travel websites in the world.

Hotel Tonight

If you are looking for the best deals on hotels, especially for a last minute booking, Hotel Tonight is the app for you. This is a dedicated app for last minute bookings. Since hotels are under pressure to fill up the rooms in the last minute, they provide excellent deals, and Hotel Tonight brings them all for you. This is not only an emergency app that you will need when you can’t find rooms, but a budget friendly companion, too.


Airbnb takes travel and living to a whole new level. This app lets you say goodbye to all those sterile smelling hotel rooms, and brings you something more personal and human. Airbnb is a marketplace for users to list their accommodations. Anyone can use the app to rent an accommodation, which ranges from apartments, to dorms, to castles. You find the quirkiest of places on Airbnb, and it is always exciting to find new people and a new place for living. The service is available in nearly 200 countries, which means you can be pretty sure that you will find a place to stay anywhere on earth using Airbnb.

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