High There: An App Especially for Pot Smokers

Good news, Potheads! High There is a new dating app where you can go and find dates with other pot smokers. Basically, it is the Tinder for weed smokers. A Denver-based start up has created the app.

The app, which works in the same way as Tinder and other dating apps do, matches users to their like-minded pot smokers nearby. Users need to create a profile in which they have to mention their energy level when smoking Cannabis. This will help the app avoid the awkward pairing of energetic explorers with low-energy people.

A good thing about the High There app is that it is not limited to dating.

high there
The High There app

Todd Mitchem, High There CEO, writes in an email that the app is also great for people who are suffering from cancer and are on a lookout for friends. Those who are new to Denver can connect with others through the app.

At present, High There is accessible in states where the use of cannabis is legal. It is available in 23 states. If you happen to be in a state where it is illegal to use cannabis, then you have to use other dating apps to find your fellow pothead.

So how did this idea of an app for potheads came about? Mitchem told Mashable that he decided to design the app after his date found and disapproved of his pot-smoking habit.

Cannabis lovers won’t have to wait for too long. High There will make its way to Apple’s app store in a few days and is currently available on Android.

The free app will help cannabis consumers connect with people and build relationship, Mitchem said.

Tinder, another matchmaking app, offers users a way to connect with new and interesting people nearby. Users need to sign in this matchmaking app using their Facebook account. The app uses a user’s location to locate other Tinder users nearby. Users can then see Facebook profile photos of these people. Those who are attracted to each other can send messages to each other through the app.