Amanda Bynes Psych Lock Up Wrong Action – Says Talent Manager Bruce Edwin

Amanda Bynes has been forcibly locked up in a psychiatric hospital in Los Angeles, sources report. The 27 year old star, who has appeared in ‘The Amanda Show,’ ‘What I like about you,’ and ‘Hairspray’ among others, is also a fashion designer. Ms. Bynes has reportedly had a recent string of driving accidents, including one in which she reportedly hit a police or Sheriff’s car, and others. Her license is now allegedly suspended.

Amanda Bynes Locked Up in Psych Ward Against Her Will

The forced psychiatric hold, under the L.A. Police code of a ‘5150,’ is normally for a 48 hour limit, as state psychiatrists reportedly try to determine the mental state of the captive. In Ms. Bynes’ case however, some sources suspect that they may try to hold her for up to two weeks or more, if they can prove that she is a threat to herself or others. Ms. Bynes reportedly started a small fire outside of a home, which sparked the latest charge.

History of Psychiatric Abuses

The psychiatric industry is based on a history of experimentation, and abuse, as reported in The Hollywood Sentinel. Early days of psychiatry saw them cutting out pieces of a person’s brain. Later methods included zapping peoples’ brains with jolts of electricity. One mental ward on the East Coast, Judge Rotenberg Center, in Canton, Massachusetts, has faced numerous criminal allegations, including being busted for staff falsifying their titles and education. That center has also been in nation-wide news for its tactics of torturing kids by forcing them to wear backpacks that carry remote control electrical charges that staff shock them with on their arms and legs, if they don’t act how the staff want them to.

Big Pharma – Lying to the Public

Other current methods of destruction by the psychiatric industry include prescribing harmful and often fatal psychiatric drugs, with side effects that often are identical to the very alleged symptoms they claim to prevent. Numerous pharmaceutical companies have been busted and forced to pay millions of dollars in fines for lying to and deceiving the public with deceptive marketing and advertising tactics, intent on tricking the public, to try get them to buy their drugs.

Failures of Psychiatric Treatment

Talent Manager and producer Bruce Edwin, CEO of Starpower Management, who represented Michael Jackson guitarist David Williams states, “Actors, like any artists, are highly creative and sensitive beings, that sometimes do not fit in with the rest of the world. Sometimes that can still be healthy, but other times, as in the case of Amanda Bynes, it may be a problem.” Bruce Edwin goes on, “Look at the psychotic who shot up the victims in the movie theater -whose name is not worth mention- who was seeing a psychiatrist, and many others, and tell me, did the psychiatric industry help them? That answer is no.”

Sexism of the Psychiatric Industry

Bruce Edwin adds, “Women used to be labeled crazy and locked up in the so called insane asylums, when they did not conform to patriarchal, sexist laws imposed upon them by a male dominated society. Today, women are often dismissed as nuts, or ‘on the rag,’ when one wants to invalidate them, when some of the same behavior by a man may be tolerated and even accepted.”

Big Pharma – #1 Killer in U.S.

Amanda Bynes has posted online that she is “not crazy.” Bruce Edwin continues, “I have seen thousands of young actresses and models, and yes, some of them are mentally unstable, however, taking away their freedom and making them a victim of big pharma, which is the number one killer in the United States, is not the answer.”

A Possible Solution to Mental Illness

“One possible solution,” Bruce Edwin states, “is a mineral called ‘lithium orotate. It has been used by thousands to successfully help certain mental issues, in a healthy manner. It is essentially in the same family as the lithium that used to be given to mental patients by psychiatrists before the current new wave of psych drugs, except that this form of it does not have the many adverse effects.” A video about lithium ororate may be seen below.

Pot Withdraw Can Cause Mental Imbalance

Also,” Bruce Edwin adds, “a person with major mood problems should lay off any drugs-including pot. Pot these days is reportedly much stronger than it used to be, due to its chemical treatments of having more THC. Also, as some pot is trafficked through narcotic rings, one does not know what is laced in it. It may have traces of PCP, cocaine, or other toxins in it. And of course, pot buyers may be directly funding drug cartels that do things including kidnapping and murdering women and children. Stopping pot,” Bruce Edwin adds, can be a difficult thing which can create major depression or violent moods.”

Hanging Around the Wrong Crowd Can Make a Person Sick

Bruce Edwin also states, “Most people with mental problems are around someone that is making them crazy. Either a so called friend, family member, or even parent is invalidating their every move, or, even someone from their past, with their voice ringing through their head. What we surround ourselves with, we tend to become.” Bruce adds, “Artists need to be creating. They need to get out in the world and move around, they need to be able to get out and run around a while and be free. Sometimes, city living does not provide that in the best manner. Sometimes an artist needs to go out to a forest or park and let their wild, free nature out and yell, make a campfire, run down some trails, and be free.”

Bruce Edwin concludes, “Amanda Bynes needs good family, friends, and other helpful and positive support team around her. I hope that she gets the help she truly needs.”

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