Jewel Kats Brings Together The Gift of Imagination and The Spirit of Healing

Last month, Toronto-based author, Jewel Kats, made an appearance on WKBW-TV in Buffalo, New York for a book signing event at the Museum of DisABILITY History in Buffalo. The 34-year-old Diva in a wheelchair inspired many with her award-winning children’s book Cinderella’s Magical Wheelchair (Loving Healing Press, 2011).

At the young age of nine, Kats was seriously injured in a car crash. She grew up living with mobility issues, later also developing arthritis and chronic pain. But the physical challenges failed to stop her from counting on her creative side and freedom of imagination. Using escape to the world of fantasy as a means of coping with her pain, Kats created her unique version of the popular fairy tale, Cinderella. The book attracted a good deal of attention and continues to be liked by people of various ages who have some form of disability themselves or know someone with a disability.

Cinderella’s Magical Wheelchair is a picture book that will appeal to girls particularly from ages six to nine-years-old. However, all enthusiasts of the original Cinderella fairy tale will surely enjoy this new and unique re-telling. The book claimed a silver medal from the Mom’s Choice Awards in the picture book category of Inspirational and Motivational.

“It’s the first adaptation in history to feature a Cinderella who is physically different. It’s about time!” says Kats about her book.

Kats continues her success on her inspirational journey with Cinderella’s Magical Wheelchair. Next month, in Toronto, she will be signing three of her books, including Cinderella’s Magical Wheelchair. The date of the event is to be announced soon on her website.

“You can live to the fullest, and enjoy being a Princess in every shape and form!” This is Kats’ message to all who face a physical limitation of any kind.

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