SOE And Blizzard Veterans Form a New MMORPG Super-Studio

A group of former Sony Online Entertainment and Blizzard employees have joined forces to form a new company. The super hot Molten Games combines together these veterans into a new studio. They are all veteran MMO developers and promise a new MMORPG Super-Studio

Here is what they said about their collaboration.

“Okay, so we probably don’t have the tech to put an MMORPG into your MMORPG yet, but we can herd up a bunch of veteran MMO developers and squish them together into a new studio.”

The?Molten Games group are?based in San Diego, California. They have been quiet but they broke their silence with a blockbuster announcement. They announced that they are currently working on what they described as the next Next Big Thing in MMO-land. And?The Next Big Thing is a free-to-play, triple-A online PC game.

This new group is backed by a multimillion-dollar investment from Korean publisher NCSoft. reports that the?Molten team includes Paul Della Bitta, who is the former Blizzard director of community development and eSports. Also former Sony Online Entertainment lead designer Blaine Smith.

These two veteran developers say they remember dev studios from “back in the day,” and their plan is to go with a similar work-hard, play-hard approach.

So far the group isn’t allowing any word on what Molten Games’ first project will be. As should be expected, CEO Jungwon Hahn however, promises, “We’re going to create something epic … better than anyone else in the industry.”

It all sounds promising, but only time will tell if they can pull it together and keep it together. CEO Jungwon Hahn, Paul Della Bitta and Blaine Smith have a big job ahead of them. The two things they have going for them are their previous experience in this space and their knowledge of the industry.

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