Testable Hypotheses For Proving Extra Dimensions

Likely More Than Three Dimensions

Open your mind to think about dimensions. Most don’t even think about the three we know about. We can touch length, width, and height. Even though time cannot be seen or felt, it can be measured.

Physicists have found ‘hypothetical’ dimensions, which help make mathematical sense of the universe. These dimensions aren’t named yet {11, 26, or more(?)}.

Extra dimensions are also known as “degrees of freedom.” They appear to be “compactified,” or too small to be experimentally detected. This gives rise to a hypothetical particle called a ‘tachyon’ (Star Trek?), which travels faster than light; though some have suggested this may be a ‘normal’ photon.

Millisecond Pulsar 01
A pulsar is generally believed to be a rapidly rotating neutron star that emits pulses of radiation (such as Xrays and radio waves) at known regular intervals. A millisecond pulsar is one with a rotational period in the range of 1-10 milliseconds. When a pulsar is created in a supernova, it is born spinning, but slows down over millions of years. However, if the pulsar is in a binary system, the influx of material into its accretion disk may help the pulsar spin up to the millisecond range.

In The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Theories of the Universe (Gary Moring), fermions make up matter, and bosons carry the force charges. The theory predicts unification of all forces occurs at Planck energy, or 1019 billion electron-volts (~1 quadrillion larger than energies in Higgs-Bosun accelerator). They found vibrating waves of fermions travel’ clockwise’ with 10 dimensions, and vibrating waves of bosons travel ‘counterclockwise’ in 26.

M-Theory Becomes Real

Therefore, experimental verification (engine driving physics) is not possible with current equipment, or even in the conceivable future. Even so, the true nature of this [M-theory] remains mysterious (“M” meaning?). Acquiring a full understanding of M-theory could well be the ‘Holy Grail’ of 21st-Century physics.

The equations of String Theory require at least six more spatial dimensions. Per Michio Kaku (theoretical physicist), we now have a candidate for the “Mind of God” Albert Einstein wrote about his last 30 years. Specifically, cosmic vibrations resonating throughout 11-dimensional hyperspace. And in string theory, we have bubbles of different dimensions.

For simplicity, dimensions are membranes (or ‘brains’). But within 11 dimensions, you can have bubbles that are 3-, 4-, and 5-dimensional. These ‘brains’ can exist in different dimensions. Arbitrarily, if “P” represents each bubble’s dimension, they’ve been called “P-brains.” So a “P-brain” is a universe in a different dimension floating in a much larger arena-called “hyperspace.”

To complicate the entire ‘dimension’ subject, author/physicist Richard Hoagland used ‘Hyperdimensional Physics’ to define strange infrared output of the 4 gas-giants (Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune). It turns out the effects of a ’cause’ in our known 3 dimensions, can be felt in measurable ways in our perceived universe, at speeds incomparably greater than light.

Gas Giant Info Changes Known Dimensions

Thanks to telescopic observations of Jupiter (1960’s), and Pioneer/Voyager spacecraft observations of the other gas-giants (1980’s- Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune), that somehow without internal nuclear fusion processes (e.g., stars), they still radiated more energy than received from the sun. With Jupiter, the ratio of absorbed solar energy to emitted energy is 1-to-2; Uranus is 1-to-1.14, and Neptune 1-to-3. Saturn also registered ‘unmeasured’ heat excesses.

Thus, ‘Hyperdimensional Physics’ ultimately connects four-space interaction. This literally means a ’cause’ (e.g., Jupiter), can have an ‘effect’ in another place (e.g., sun), without any measurable 3D force having traversed the three-space distance in-between.

These faster-than-light signals have now been confirmed multiple times at macro-distances. Parameters for Hyperdimensional space were initiated in the work of several 19th-century mathematicians/physicists: Georg Riemann, and James Clerk Maxwell (the significant ones). Riemann mathematically initiated the scientific community into the mind-boggling idea of ‘hyperspace’ (higher unseen dimensions) in 1854. He distinctly acclaimed the indications of ‘higher dimensional realities’, including thoughts on their relationship to the ultimate origin of the human soul. Riemann was obviously way ahead of his time.

After Newton’s basic 3D laws, Riemann was proposing ‘hyperspace’ caused objects moving through 3-space geometry, were being distorted by the geometry of 4-space. According to Maxwell, action at a distance was possible through ‘hyperspace’, or what he defined as ‘higher spatial dimensions’. Without testable proof, it was thirty more years before interest in hyperspace would be reborn as “Super String Theory.”

Rotating Ball Experiment

Along comes Dr. Bruce DePalma (MIT Physicist), who had been running a series of “rotational experiments.” DePalma’s experiment involved two metal balls. Both were simultaneously ejected-one spinning at 27,000 rpm, the other at 0 rpm. Measuring the rate at which they both rose and fell, gave shocking results, and put “Newtonian” mechanics on its head. With identical upward force applied to both balls, the spinning ball rose farther and faster, and fell to the ground faster than the non-spinning ball.

The spinning ball had gained energy from somewhere, simultaneously affecting both gravity and inertia. In one experiment, a 276 lb device lost 6 lbs (2% loss) when the gyros were switched on. DePalma also determined massive rotating systems could induce anomalous rotational motions in gyroscopic set-ups in other rooms-but only if they were also rotating.

Eventually, Einstein and numerous physicists determined ‘torsion fields’ can travel though space-time at speeds at least a billion times faster than vacuum speed of light-and likely much higher, with unknown speeds. It turns out multiple ‘torsion phenomena’ existing in higher physical dimensions have provided anomalous energy into all rotating objects, coming from beyond ‘the known physical laws’. In other words, this energy is accessible in three dimensions only though the physical ‘rotation’ of mass.

Pulsars May Be Most Telling

Pulsars are probably the most telling of all natural phenomena. When we finally get to one, we will likely prove the extra dimensions that rotation provides.

And almost all mass is rotating-galaxies, pulsars (some 100rps), black holes, stars, planets, and even all the electrons in molecules.

GOD knows we’re going to prove ‘Hyperdimensional Theory’ in the future-sometime. When we do, what will we do with it? GOD only knows –