ABC SID 100 Greatest Daytime Couples

Over the last several issues, ABC Soaps In Depth has been revealing the list of the network’s 100 Greatest All-Time Couples in Daytime. These are the popular pairings that have made an impact not only soap operas, but on fans even more, for these are the couples they’ve loved and watched over the years — making up and breaking up over and over because we want them together time and time again.

The next issue, which comes in mid-November, reveals the Final 25 — but we may already know who’s #1, don’t we?

That’s right: it is the star-crossed Luke & Laura of General Hospital. In November 1981, over 30 million people tuned in to for the wedding of the duo that coined and redefine the term known as “supercouple.” Despite having a controversial beginning (Luke raped Laura) of their legendary love story, viewers loved the undeniable between Anthony Geary and Genie Francis, who were lovers on the run from their enemies and adventurous heroes that saved the world.

Not only has the award-winning favorite changed the face of daytime, but it also ruled the list with several supercouples that includes Edward & Lila (#89), Tony & Bobbie (#84), Steve & Audrey (#67), Sean & Tiffany (#36), Alan & Monica (#32), Robert & Anna (#14), Jason & Elizabeth (#12), and Sonny & Brenda in the runner-up spot.

Even its spin-off Port Charles gets two spots with angelic slayer Rafe and society good girl Alison are heavenly at number 92, while their vampire enemies Caleb & Livvie take a bit in the list at number 34.

The list also features several of All My Children ‘s supercouples: Adam & Liza (#90), Phil & Tara (#69), Cliff & Nina (#44), Bianca & Maggie (#43), Leo & Greenlee (#23), Greg & Jenny (#17), Zach & Kendall (#11), and Tad & Dixie (#3).

Though the citizens of Llanview have One Life to Live, several of these residents have been more than one-half of these supercouples such as David & Dorian (#72), Al & Marcie (#57), Max & Gabrielle (#37), Jake & Megan (#27), Ben & Viki (#22), John & Natalie (#16), and Todd & Blair (#13). Both Bo & Nora (#10) and Clint & Viki (#6) have respectively broken into the Top 10.

Even love in the afternoon does lead to off-screen romance, and viewers enjoy the couple even more. For instance, Thorsten Kaye & Susan Haskell’s Patrick & Marty from One Life are in the Top 20 at number 19, while AMC‘s John Callahan and then-wife Eva LaRue are up a spot as Edmund & Maria at number 18, while the still-married Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos’ Hayley & Mateo have moved up to thirteen spots at number five.

For the complete list, get the latest issue of ABC Soaps In Depth, coming to newsstands November 17.

Garrett Godwin
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