Pretreatment In Action: Adding Insight to End Homelessness

From an expert on homelessness and homeless outreach comes the latest insight that can make a difference in the lives of many vulnerable people and those who are motivated to help. Jay Levy’s Pretreatment In Action: Interactive Exploration from Homelessness to Housing Stabilization (Loving Healing Press, 2021) provides the reader with a wonderfully crafted, detailed, step-by-step manual with real-world scenarios on how Pretreatment and the Stages of Engagement play out in the actual work.

Pretreatment In Action
Image @ Loving Healing Press

The Educational Value of Pretreatment In Action

Pretreatment In Action is set up in a workbook style that teaches 5 principles of a Pretreatment Model through their application to real-life scenarios that depict the world of homelessness, trauma, and loss. Thus, readers are trained to utilize pretreatment assessment and interventions to promote the engagement process and safety with highly vulnerable people. Jay Levy tells that the work/book training manual presentation of Pretreatment is new and different from his other books.

Who Should Read Pretreatment In Action?

The book’s audience ranges from Homeless and Housing Services program Staff inclusive of Outreach and Housing First Counselors, doctors and nurses that handle street medicine and healthcare for the homeless, Shelter and Hostel Case Managers, Program Managers and Supervisors, to any social service personnel who works with people experiencing homelessness.

In addition, the book has good merit to be used in academic settings.

“University professors/Teachers can utilize this guide/training as part of their Curriculum on how to better serve disaffiliated and hard to engage folks in a variety of human service settings ranging from Homelessness to Residential Care,” says Levy.

About the Author

Jay S. Levy has spent more than thirty years working with individuals who experience homelessness. An expert on homeless outreach, Levy passionately pursues solutions to the problem of homelessness and educates others in the field working toward the same goal via his educational books on the subject, including the highly acclaimed Pretreatment Guide for Homeless Outreach & Housing First and Cross-Cultural Dialogues on Homelessness. He developed Pretreatment as an approach for helping people without homes who are often deemed “not ready” and excluded from housing and/or recovery-oriented services and treatment. More information on Jay and his work can be found at