New Book Documents Fascinating Story of Boxer James Salerno

James Salerno, who became known as “The Mouth of the South” during his frequent appearances on national cable telecasts during the 1980’s, will be inducted into the Florida Boxing Hall of Fame on June 22nd along with ring legends such as Muhammad Ali, Willie Pep, Roberto Duran, Aaron Pryor and Kid Gavilan. Salerno will be inducted posthumously because he was murdered at the young age of 38, in August of 1999.

He was a boxing prodigy who began competing in the Golden Gloves at thirteen, well on his way to turning pro two years later. Everyone who saw him fight as a teenager was sure that he would become a Caucasian version of Muhammad Ali. In fact, the boxing legend himself, Ali, saw James fight at the age of thirteen. The legendary heavyweight took him under his wing as a youngster and told World Class Trainer, Angelo Dundee how he was going to be a superstar in and out of the boxing ring.

By the time Salerno was eighteen years old he had a record of 20-0 and was recognized as the greatest boxer who never won a championship. When he suddenly faded from the limelight, his fans were distraught and asked, “Whatever happened to James?”

As you sift through this book of “James Salerno, Boxer,” you will be fascinated with his story of prominence and untimely death. The sport of Professional Boxing is one of prestige and honor, two things that James was known to posses. John Greenburg opens up with his historic stories and prominent, behind the scenes accounts of James Salerno’s early rise to domination.

John Greenburg is a unique Sports historian and well accomplished author of several non-fiction publications about larger-than-life figures of society. His well rounded sports background has given him the opportunity to hit several national news markets such as ESPN, to offer up his views and tales of the athletic world.