How Can Speakers Shine Like a Diamond in Public Arena?

Book Came Out In February, Now Featured On Amazon

Yazbeck is the creator of the No Fear Speaking System, Founder of Prestige Leadership Advisors and Heartbeat Productions. He has more than 30 years experience in business and the arts. He has delivered more than 3,700 presentations, workshops, lectures, seminars and key note addresses worldwide.

Yazbeck provides professional training for leaders globally to help them communicate confidently and lead effectively. His clients include: a Major General (ret), USAF, a former CFO from Holland & Knight Law Firm, the former CEO of Bell South and Cingular Wireless, and a former record promoter and publicist for U2, David Bowie, and Whitney Houston.

Here’s how clients describe him. “Working with Joe Yazbeck has resulted in a major breakthrough for me. I am pleased to say that Joe has done more than teach me to communicate with an audience. He has set me on a path of learning that I can apply personally and professionally,” said Gary Iosbaker, Chief Technology Officer at Hewlett Packard.

“Joe Yazbeck takes very good speakers and transforms them into naturally expressive and dynamic speakers,” said Neil Brickfield, former Commissioner of Pinellas County, Florida.

In the book, No Fear Speaking you will find helpful and effective tips and exercises to help you build your presentation skills. You will also learn the secrets of how to make great speeches and how to inspire audiences. Yazbeck gives you 8 of the biggest mistakes most speakers make and how to avoid them.

What sets Yazbeck apart from others in his profession is his background as an entertainer and talent developer. “As a performing artist talent coach, I am able to take the skills I have learned and provide those techniques to help my clients shine like diamonds both in their companies and in public arenas,” said Yazbeck.

Whether you are speaking to influence and inspire large or small groups or presenting on camera, radio or TV, No Fear Speaking offers a complete variety of innovative tools, usable tips and resources to help you become a more dynamic and commanding speaker.

Joe Yazbeck is available for interviews or for guest appearances on radio or TV shows by calling Don at (813)389-0801