‘My Grief Is Like the Ocean’ Comes as a Life-Saving Story for Children

If it’s a challenge to create a life-saving book that can be read in an hour or less, the Loving Healing Press is up to it with its recent book My Grief is Like the Ocean by Jessica Biles and Jillian Kelly-Wavering. The book provides emotional support and guidance to children who lose a parent to suicide.

My Grief Is Like the Ocean
Image @ Loving Healing Press

The Story

Told from the perspective of a boy who lost his father to suicide, this story is a child’s journey through the storm of emotions caused by the suicide of his father. The illustrated pages of the story explain essential questions surrounding a suicide-struck family: what does ending one’s life mean? and why people end their lives? Written by two mental health experts with professional experience in the field of psychological issues among children and families, My Grief is Like the Ocean means to normalize and encourage the many emotions a child may feel after losing a parent to suicide.

The Audience

My Grief is Like the Ocean is mainly aimed at children 7 to 10 years old but is a helpful resource for all age audiences that want to understand the emotional impact of suicide in the family, particularly one having very young to pre-teen children. After reading this book, children and caregivers will find it easy to talk about their grief experiences and work out the best available means to salvage their lives against the storm of depression and negative emotions that can hamper mental health and development.

Why My Grief Is Like the Ocean Is Special

Victor R. Volkman, publisher at the Loving Healing Press, opined: “This is the perfect addition to our growing family of books addressing difficult childhood emotional issues such as anxiety, depression, and now grief. We are extremely proud of both the gorgeous artwork and heartfelt message that Jessica and Jillian have crafted here.”

Athena A. Drewes, PsyD, RPT-S, founder and president emeritus of the New York Association of Play Therapy, has endorsed My Grief is Like the Ocean as “one book all parents and clinicians need to have in their personal library.”

Read more about the background and experience of the authors at the book’s website https://mygriefisliketheocean.com/.