Jorgensen’s ‘Make It Go in the Snow’ Offers a Brief History of Snowmobiling

Modern History Press continues to serve history enthusiasts with exciting titles that offer regional histories from first-hand sources and less-known archives. The latest in this journey through time is Larry Jorgensen’s Make It Go in the Snow that documents notable people and innovative ideas in the history of snowmobiles.

Jorgensen Snowmobiling
Image @ Modern History Press

Make It Go in the Snow comes as a fun-to-read, fairly short history book that offers a snapshot of the development of snowmobiles as technology in the post-World War I years moved past the traditional dog-drawn sleds for more advanced mechanical transportation through the frozen north and snow-covered Midwest in the United States.

Jorgensen presents the history with three key elements in the art and science of snowmobiling: people, ideas, and vehicular technology. For people and vehicles, the book includes pictures of the pioneers and the products of their talent. As specified in the introduction to the book, the author’s goal is to simply capture and record a wide variety of snowmobile ideas, without offering judgment on any individual venture.

Make It Go in the Snow encourages readers to visit snowmobile museums. The final chapter of the book takes readers through some of the dozens of snowmobile museums across the North American Snowbelt.

The Author’s Passion for Snowmobiling

Jorgensen started writing when he was 13 and went to work for the local weekly newspaper. His extensive media career includes both radio and TV news. He became a news director for radio stations in Texas and Louisiana. He was a TV news reporter for stations in Shreveport, Louisiana, and Green Bay, Wisconsin, where he became assistant news director.

Jorgensen says that his fascination with snowmobiles began in 1969, which was the year he and his business partner produced the first consumer snowmobile expo in Green Bay. He then increasingly became involved in snowmobile racing and long-distance expeditions. In addition to authoring three other books, Jorgensen also got to publish a snowmobile magazine Sno-Trails for six years.

Make It Go in the Snow will be released on August 1st 2024 and available in online bookstores and in brick-and-mortar stores around Michigan, Wisconsin, Minnesota and other states in the Snowbelt. Retailers can order from Ingram iPage.