Inside Track to Careers in Real Estate/Buy Even Lower:

The Regular People’s Guide to Real Estate Riches

Though some people have said the “real estate bubble” of the past few years has already burst, this industry has already held great rewards because people will always need a place to live, work, shop and vacation, too. Two recently released books by experts in the field, Inside Track to Careers in Real Estate (Author – Stan Ross, Urban Land Institute, April 2006) and Buy Even Lower: The Regular People’s Guide to Real Estate Riches (Authors Scott Frank and Andy Heller, Kaplan Publishing, 2006) can help you overcome some of the hurdles of this still exploding industry.

The need for professionals with widely diverse skills remains the promise of continued employment in the real estate industry. The traditional areas of development, ownership, property management and real estate services will maintain growth while new areas like rebuilding neighborhoods or cities following natgural or manmade disasters or investment in international emerging markets (especially China and India) provide wide berths for new employment possibilities.

Inside Track to Careers in Real Estate will give you the type of information you need if you are changing careers, starting a new one because you are a new graduate or are retiring soon. It is packed with all sorts of information regarding the diverse segments of the industry as well as a wealth of of employment nformation. This book will also allow you to explore your own goals, desires, skills and strengths. It will assist you in helping to make the important decision: is the real estate field is the right career path for you?!

Inside Track to Careers in Real Estate offers wonderful tips for anyone just exploring the real estate field, too. The authors urge you to do lots of research before taking the career plunge, put compensation in perspective, relentlessly network within the field, be realistic about your entrepreneurial skills, factor public service opportunities into your job search, and whatever stage is in to always get more and more education in the field of real estate.

The real estate reality shows have taken television by storm. But, how realistic is it to believe that you can either remodel your own home or buy one that needs repair, make those repairs and then sell it for a large profit? Scott Frank and Andy Heller, co authors of Buy Even Lower say that this premise is misleading at best. They say that the programs are styled for entertainment purposes and do not always portray the risk, time, stress, headaches and failures, too, of house flipping.

They point out that house-flipping can be extremely time consuming, costs for repairs and remodeling can break the budget, the work is extremely stressful, the chance is that you might end up with an property that is very difficult to sell, and that unexpected costs could ruin your profits. Reading Buy Even Lower will give you Frand and Heller’s Six Golden Keys to successful house flipping.

If you are at all interested in the field of real estate, these two books are indispensable resources to learning and educating yourself in advance of any problems. They are written by experts in the field of real estate who want to make the field an inviting and profitable way of earning a living.

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