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Sandra Pianin is a talented writer who loves reading books and writing reviews from her home in New York. Sandra started her love affair with film after she saw her first movie screen in summer 1957.


Positive Parenting: Raising Health Children from Birth to Three years

A revision of earlier classic book about raising healthy children from birth to three years. Raising a healthy, happy and bright child takes more than common sense.

Inspiration Through Sunshine and Rain

Many think books have outlived their usefulness. Some have diversified their reading habits with the Sony Book Reader or Amazon Kindle. True bibliophiles say there is nothing like holding a book in your hands.

Inside Track to Careers in Real Estate/Buy Even Lower:

The Regular People's Guide to Real Estate Riches. The need for professionals with widely diverse skills remains the promise of continued employment in the real estate industry.

Book Review: The Gas Mileage Bible

The answer to the perplexing difficulties of improving gas mileage has arrived in the form of a new book, The Gas Mileage Bible from Vitalpoint publications.

Book Review: Touched By The Extraordinary

This book is not a quick entertaining read. It is a spiritual gift for those of us who need a spiritual lift once in a while. Touched By The Extraordinary would be a fine addition to your library...

The Beast Bowl: Book Review

The definition of a fable is story that provides the reader with a simple moral viewpoint. Tom Chaikins new book, The Beast Bowl, follows these parameters.

Book Review: Improvisational Negotiation – A Mediator’s Stories of Conflict

Whether you are at loggerheads with your teenaged son or daughter over household chores or with your co-workers because they are a noisy lot, the problem is the same.