Book Review: Touched By The Extraordinary

Skepticism appears to be a part of modern life. One cannot truly believe everything you read. But, sometimes, you must suspend your skepticism to experience something helpful or beyond the commonplace. Susan B. Apollon’s book, Touched By The Extraordinary, demands that the reader do just that.

This book is, therefore, a fine balance of the personal anecdote and carefully researched scientific information regarding the metaphysical, paranormal and spiritual enhanced by extensive chapter notes, a bibliography that includes suggestions for further study and a broad index.

For the past 20 years, Susan B. Apollon has worked as a psychotherapist, psychologist and healer. She has worked with adults and children who have diagnosed with life threatening diseases. In addition, she has dealt with issues dealing with death, dying and grieving.

It took 10 years to write this book and even more time to rewrite it. Ms. Apollon has studied the scientific worked by acknowledged masters in these fields. She has researched the stories of everyday people who have extraordinary stories to share.

I particularly connected with Ms. Apollon’s Fifteen Minute Peace Plan which she recommends for use before visiting someone who is sick. I believe the following ten steps are a very powerful way to handle any sort of stress:

  1. Set the stage by choosing a comfortable setting for meditation.
  2. Play quiet and gentle music.
  3. Count to ten as you slowly begin to quiet and center yourself
  4. Name your breath a color and shape as you breathe in and out. For example, green=healing, blue=peace, white=divine energy, and pink=compassion
  5. Follow the journey of your breath.
  6. Find a special comforting word, phrase, or first line from a song, poem or prayer to use as a mantra.
  7. Make a connection with your Higher Power.
  8. Express gratitude. It leads to a higher state of being.
  9. Remember that love is the key to everything.
  10. Structure this period of meditation around a theme like healing or energy.

We all have our own belief systems. This book’s intent appears not to replace them but to enhance what we already know by learning from someone else’s experience.

This book is not meant for a quick read for entertainment purposes. It is an excellent resource for the student of the metaphysical, paranormal, and spiritual. For the rest of us who are on personal journeys for self comprehension, it is a gift that educates, enlightens and uplifts. On a scale from one to ten, this book is a 10+ in every way conceivable!

Sandra Pianin is a talented writer who loves reading books and writing reviews from her home in New York. Sandra started her love affair with film after she saw her first movie screen in summer 1957.