Crossfire War – Iran – Hezbollah Double Weapons Shipments to Gaza – Hamas

Crossfire War – TEHRAN WATCH – West Asia Theatre: Tehran – Gaza Strip/Jerusalem; Iran – Hezbollah Double Weapons Shipments to Gaza Strip – Israel Intelligence Chiefs Warn of War by mid – October

Night Watch: GAZA STRIP – Debka reports that Israel’s intelligence chiefs are warning the Knesset that unless weapons trafficking is halted in the Sinai Peninsula then Israel will be confronted with another war, this time along its southern border with a re-armed Hamas in just six weeks, mid-October. The heads of the intelligence services: Yuval Diskin-Shin Bet, AMAN-Military Intelligence, Maj. General Amos Yadin and Mossad head Meir Dagan, are proposing Israel establish a one kilometer (half mile) security strip along Israel’s Gaza border, the Philadephi route, from Kerem Shalom to the Mediterranean, which would cut off Gaza from the Sinai. That would help prevent arms from entering the Gaza strip into the hands of Palestinian terrorist groups like Hamas. [DEBKA]

Their sources say that since Israel’s withdrawal from the Gaza Strip, a year ago, the Egyptian police units along the Rafah border crossing check point and European inspectors have done nothing to prevent the massive weapons trafficking in the area and have never arrested one terrorist. They are under no illusions that UNIFIL will do better in south Lebanon. Yuval Diskin of Shin Bet actually calls the Sinai Peninsula the most active weapons smuggling area in the world.

As Hezbollah puts on a show of cooperating with Beirut and UNIFIL, Tehran is sending Hezbollah officers to Gaza by sea and doubling the amount of weapons shipped there. Large amounts of anti-tank weapons, Katyusha and Grad rockets, hundreds of RPG-29 rocket-propelled grenades are being sent to Hamas in preparation for the next round which is shaping up to be more intense than the first one. Tehran is equipping Hezbollah-Hamas to inflict as much destruction as possible.

The intelligence services have also discovered that Hezbollah agents have taken over the northern West Bank along with the Jihad Islami radical unit. It is highly unlikely that when Hamas sets off the next round in the south, targeting Israeli communities in the Negev, that Hezbollah will be idle up north. It was in the south, earlier this year, that Hamas began firing the dozens of Qassam rockets at the Israeli town Sederot which actually began the fighting. Sederot was hit by so many rockets that a lot of it had to be abandoned.

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