Book Review: The Gas Mileage Bible

During this past summer, the constant lament of my co-workers was that they wanted to take a vacation. The one thing impeding their progression to a vacation spot was the high price of gasoline for their trip. Some of them never took a vacation: their budgets simply would not allow the extra expense for the gasoline. The others opted for mass transit.

The answer to their perplexing difficulties has arrived in the form of a new book, The Gas Mileage Bible from Vitalpoint publications. This handy little volume says it will help consumers save money with fuel economy and performance in their vehicles up to 30% without using expensive gadgets.

It is rare that a “self-help” book can and does do what it professes. In a clear and very concise manner (172 chock filled pages), The Gas Mileage Bible spells out tip after tip, strategy after strategy, and teaches “how to optimize fuel efficiency of your vehicle to save money (pg. 13).” This book is a quick read. It is also an invaluable tool because it has a crystal clear table of contents and index for those times when a problem is happening and you need a solution, pronto.

Take for example, Chapter 2 Optimizing Your Car For Fuel Efficiency and Performance (subheading “Before You Make any Changes To Your Vehicle.” Also, scan the checklist on Pg. 35 and it will save you many headaches later on. Look at pgs. 170-172 (Part Four-Index of Tips and Techniques, tips for reducing losses, tips for increasing efficiency and tips for driving techniques. All of these will help your driving perspective during times when driving a car becomes both an art and a science.

Sandra Pianin
Sandra Pianin is a talented writer who loves reading books and writing reviews from her home in New York. Sandra started her love affair with film after she saw her first movie screen in summer 1957.