Crossfire War – 3,000 Albanians Demonstrate in Kosovo – Independence

Crossfire War – BELGRADE – ATHENS – TEHERAN – MOSCOW WATCH – Southeast Europe Theatre: Belgrade -Athens – Teheran – Ankara – Moscow – Budapest – Sofia – Bucharest/Pristina- Tirana – Vienna – Brussels – Warsaw; 3,000 Ethnic Albanians Demonstrate in Pristina for Independence – Attempted to Storm Parliament – Agim Ceku Cancels China Trip

Night Watch: PRISTINA – This was to be expected. AKI and other news sources are reporting the demonstration of 3,000 ethnic Albanians in Pristina, the capital of the Serbian province Kosovo, populated almost entirely by Albanians, especially since 1999 after NATO’s 78-day air campaign that ended Belgrade’s military action against separatist Albanian groups fighting for independence.

10,000 people, mostly Albanians, were killed that year and the province has been the main flashpoint in the former Yugoslavia ever since, even when fighting began just two years later in Macedonia, caused by the ethnic Albanian minority there. A lot of the Albanians being Islamic is also one of the reasons they have historically had conflicting relations with other Slavic people who are either Catholic or Orthodox Christian.

However, those who are not religious at all, but secular, still identify with their ethnic-nationalistic community, which has been the basis for the divided politics of Yugoslavia ever since the death of Marshal Tito in 1980. [SERBIANNA]

Eighty people were injured in the demonstration Saturday when police fired on them with rubber bullets and tear gas in order to protect the Parliament building. Kosovo Prime Minister Agim Ceku had to cancel his trip to Beijing, another capital that would love to see the West and Russia in another conflict that would weaken and divide them. It should not be surprising if Beijing has also assisted Belgrade in the recent upgrading of its military that is now being supported by the security agreements Serbia signed last year with Iran and Greece. Last week this site reported a military delegation from Athens arriving in Moscow. [AKI]

Though most Albanian leaders in Kosovo have sharply criticized the violence, saying it would not help them achieve independence, the militant Albanian leader of the group that organized it, Albin Kurti of Vetevendosje (Self-determination) has publicly stated the plan presented by UN envoy Martti Ahtisaari, has granted too much autonomy to Serbian municipalities in the province. Of course, in Belgrade the Serbian government says the plan has allowed too much independence. The newly elected Serbian Parliament has scheduled Wednesday, February 14 to begin its debate on Kosovo. The leader of the most popular political party in the country, Aleksandar Vucic, of the ultra-nationalist Radical Party stated, “Serbia has no time to lose, these are very important times. The first debate will be about Kosovo.” [SERBIANNA]

In Munich on Saturday, at the annual security conference, Russia President Vladimir Putin spoke and re-stated Moscow’s position and its refusal to support further division as it reluctantly did in 1992, the year after the initial breakup of Yugoslavia, which has set the stage for further subdividing and not just in Kosovo. Virtually every capital in the European continent, from every direction on the compass, with Kosovo at its center, is monitoring closely not only Kosovo/Serbia but other potential divisions that could erupt overnight, Slovakia/Hungary for instance due to the Hungarians that live in Slovakia.

Russia has also been faced with separatist’s wars in every region of the former Soviet Union, since the end of the Cold War in 1990, which has forced Moscow to reform and re-structure its entire military to confront them, first in the North Caucasus and now in the South, with Tbilisi being openly supported by Teheran-Ankara. Putin advocated during his speech, “Only the Kosovars and Serbs can resolve this. Let’s not play God and try to resolve their problems.” He very accurately and precisely criticized the sinister planning that conceived the initial scheme, in the name of the New World (War) Order, that led the recognition by Germany of Slovenia and Croatia’s twisted boundary that cut off Bosnia-Herzegovina and Serbia’s access to the Adriatic Sea.

That is the play God mentality so often exhibited by Europe’s leading establishments and governments throughout their intriguing map-making history. The evil with a clown face mentality. The only difference is that in past centuries the monarchies openly admitted and declared divine right. Now that is only declared in secret in groups like the Cult of the Order, which is based in Bavaria, the U. S. branch being Yale Skull and Bones. Satanic influences and its treacherous sense of mission are welcome there and, as in times past, have led them into another abysmal situation, as their source of inspiration abandons them, laughing itself all the way into hell.

Willard Payne is an international affairs analyst who specializes in International Relations. A graduate of Western Illinois University with a concentration in East-West Trade and East-West Industrial Cooperation, he has been providing incisive analysis to NewsBlaze. He is the author of Imagery: The Day Before.