Drowning in a Mother’s Womb

I have read and reviewed many books on child abuse and neglect and not until I read this book can I say the detail, the emotion and descriptions were right up there with Dave Peltzer. The author’s ability to get you into her life with vivid descriptions and what was going on in her mind were incredible.

The book starts off with Ms Anderson attempting suicide-her therapist is trying to get her to talk about what happened. But like most of us- it is easier to write it- painful, but less painful.

Why do some people bring children into the world that they could care less for? Is it a chance to nab a man or just plain craziness? The author’s name of the child “Rain,” is very appropriate- isn’t rain supposed to cleanse things? Then why did Rain not complete that mission.

Her mother’s choices of boyfriends were unbelievable yet so true to our society today- an ex-con, an abuser and a controller. Why did mom put her boyfriends first? Mom had her favorite child. Are we supposed to do that?

I appreciated the author’s directness at describing her characters, events and life style. One could visualize the angry on faces, the depression and loneliness. The story came from writing a journal, where the author relates that no one would judge, condemn or criticize her. She also relates that the story is not to incriminate others, but to help those who have had the same challenges.

This is a book I have recommended to my Psychology students to read- many of whom are becoming counselors. This firsthand look is a great teaching tool.

Drowning in a Mother’s Womb

Ciara L. Anderson

Loyal Publishing

P.O. Box 491525

Atlanta, GA 30349

ISBN: 1606431331


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