Book Review: Honor Defended

Given the background of the author, readers will realize that you can never take a soldier out of the man. This is a fast-paced, twisting book that will keep readers on the edge of their seat.

Major, is a very determined, straight-forward man who allows no one to take advantage of or hurt any of his warrior friends or family. His military instinct to kill or be killed is still ingrained in him. When he finds out that one of his warriors, home on leave from Iraq has been decapitated and burned and his wife missing, he pulls out all stops to help. With the help of several of his warrior friends they begin to track down those who are responsible.

All clues lead to terrorists who have come into Major’s world. Finding several clues- the missing dog and a son that is determined to revenge his father’s death Major sets out to find out how this happened. Listening to some individuals in town: the gossip queen of the library and a young girl who talks about the “weird” janitor at her school the Major has a plan.

This is very fast-paced- and a sit on the edge of your seat.

The author provides military glossary in the beginning of the book for those who are not familiar with military language. Some might not want to read this book due to the military topic- but it is much more than military- it is honor, serving your city and helping those in need. The author provides some humor, true to life detail of the determination of individuals who do not want their community to be harmed.

If you want to get in on this exciting, hair raising adventure I suggest you get the book and be ready to entrench yourself in the fox hole.

Honor Defended

D. H. Brown

Big River Press

P.O. Box 371

Clallam Bay, Washington 98326

ISBN: 0979874467


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5 Stars