What The Word Technology Actually Means

The word technology has a variety of meanings according to the dictionary. I decided to review the word in the dictionary. The meaning of the word technology came from the year 1615, so the roots of the word technology means systematic treatment of an art, craft, or technique. The best way of reviewing this meaning and root is to ask what sort of technology existed in 1615.

Please review the list of meanings in the dictionary. Even anthropology is a form of technology.


Now the word systematic means a plan, method or system. Since the dictionary term of technology does mean an art, craft or technique, it does not mean only one form of technology.

Many forms of technology exist. The web developer is only one form of technology. Online content management is another form of technology. Using blogging software is technology. Making widgets with an online technological application is technology.

Now websites have a section called green technology, one of my fortes. They even consider a solar powered battery charger to be green technology. I do not consider it to be rocket science to place rechargeable batteries into a solar powered battery charger. I do purchase green technology, and do review the newest products on the market.

Since I do believe words change with age, I am more bound to believe where the word originated from. That would be in 1615, before the use of televisions, DVDs, internet or any form of wired material.

Someone who has knowledge of gardening, since much planning, method and system is required; I would consider them to be a technologist of gardening. The term would be an agricultural technologist. The word technology is vast. I find some lose track of the actual meaning of the word technology and where the word started, and the actual meaning.

One of my passions is word origin and history of the word, and how the meaning has changed over time. I am very old school; I prefer to keep the original meaning of the word, and context it was used in. I also encourage others to do the same.

To all other gardeners or those who enjoy composting as much as I do, feel free to call yourself a gardening technologist. Since as gardeners and composting junkies, we are aware of the meaning of the word planning, method and system. It does take planning to compost, and a method and system to achieve it. Those are the main components of the original word of technology.

I personally do not believe the whole world will be ready for us to use the word technology in our tags yet, but we can always hope that will change. Just point them to the dictionary and let them know where the word originated from and what it means.

I will be doing further articles on a variety of technologists and what they specialize in.