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Dawn Gordon is a freelance writer and construction company owner, interested in green tech and business writing.

A Great Solution to Hosting Your Podcast

Mypodcast.com offers you a free platform to host and load your podcasts to be heard by others
power hog

Green Toys For Children Are Hot Green Gadgets

Toys that teach children about the environment and energy use should be on the market.

Coffee & Shrimp as Alternative Fuel

Shrimp and coffee have become a possibility for alternative fuel according to the website Science Daily. This is some interesting news for energy alternatives that is worth reading and looking into.

A New Source of Hydrogen Power

Algae can be converted into a hydrogen source through the method of photosynthesis. Photosynthesis is a plants ability to convert solar energy and turn it into something else.

Environmental Technology Discovers A Greener Diaper

President's Choice has discovered how to make a green diaper, and are on route to conquer making one that is entirely green.

Environmental Technology is a Great Field

Many varieties of technologists exist, one of them being an environmental technologist. The term environmental technologist is also referred to as a green tech.

Organic Light Emitting Diode TV’s and Other Gadgets

We now have what is called an organic television. It is called an OLED, which stands for organic light emitting diode. The organic molecules create light when you add electricity to it, this is how OLED operates.

Digg It & Increase Your SEO

Using the digg platform to increase your SEO options for more page and website views.

Evergreen Content is an SEO Strategy

Every writer should be writing evergreen content. Evergreen content is writing material that will be viewed for month's even years after.

What The Word Technology Actually Means

Roots and meaning of the word technology according to the dictionary.

Internet Technology Has Brought Out The Stalker

Internet stalking can be brought on by different reasons. One way of identifying the Internet stalker; they will join the same sites, post on the same boards, and follow you from place to place.