Digg It & Increase Your SEO

Increasing page views on your website takes more than HTML Meta tags, keywords, and unique material. Linking back to the site where your articles are placed will increase your views. SEO techniques such as spam linking which is known as a black hat SEO technique, is not what I am referring to.

Recently as I was researching options of social platforms as a way of linking, I ran across a site called Digg. On Digg you submit articles whether they are your own writings, or writings belonging to others, and it places it into the site for people to view. By using these types of linking methods not only will the people who use Digg view them but they can and will be found on search engines leading people to view your material at the original source.

On Digg it is a link only, which means when people click the link they will be brought to the original source that it is posted on. This is a wonderful tool for advertising your writing or business, and bringing people to your site to read about it. After people click on the link, view and read your material, then they can choose one of two options as a point of view to the link you submitted.

When they choose Digg it, it means they Digged the article. They enjoyed what they read. When they choose to bury it, it means the complete opposite. It means it is meant to be buried and was not very enjoyed by that viewer.

Articles and videos are allowed to be submitted. As a new member you will have a limited amount of articles you will be allowed to Digg. That is one of the terms they use on this website. You are digging in an article for them to view. Comments are allowed to be placed on the article or video you are digging. This allows feedback, and feedback can help one grow and know what viewers and readers are looking and searching for.

The option of viewing who has dug your material is also shown to you, so you can network with these individuals since you both enjoy the same type of information. Another plus to gain views on future articles you submit you are given a profile page and you can place links to your articles or business site.

Give Digg a try; it will be worth the effort of digging in your time.