Environmental Technology Discovers A Greener Diaper

Environmental technology has now discovered a way to make a disposable diaper much greener. Greener does not mean it is at the point of being called entirely green, but it is a great and wonderful start to something that needs to be corrected.

Diapers have been an ongoing issue with landfills for many years. They estimate that over three million disposable diapers end up in the landfills each year. They do not compost, so they will sit and not decompose as nature has intended to occur. Many now have turned back to the cloth diaper for a solution. You need to have plenty of notice though of when you’re little one is on the way, because they are quite costly to purchase. Many people rent from others, and do not want dirty diapers in their laundry facilities; this can be a problem unless you own them.

President’s Choice is taking the lead in creating a greener diaper. The eventual goal of President’s Choice is to make an entirely 100 percent environmental disposable diaper.

President’s Choice is in the process of replacing harsh plastic compounds with plant based polymers instead. This is the beginning of the greatest of possibilities with the throw away diaper. The wood pulp they use comes from forests that are being taken care of and managed in an environmentally friendly way. They are sustaining the forest by replacing what they harvest. They do not use any chlorine bleaching in the pulp factory these diapers are being processed at. By not using chlorine bleaching this helps to sustain the rivers and waters,

When researching the cloth diaper, President’s Choice discovered that the cotton used to make the cloth diaper is being sprayed with pesticides and chemicals. They also discovered that washing them in a machine can consume much water, detergent and in some households, who have not converted, bleach. Not all homes use environmental cleaning products, or only wash the clothing in cold water as we are supposed to do. Some homes have not made this switch. Choosing the appropriate water level for the size of the load is also not on everyone’s agenda.

President’s Choice greener diaper is a better choice than using other brands that have not made the switch to plant based polymers. I will always support cloth diapers as an environmental choice, if the people using them are only washing them and hanging them environmentally too. I also consider what President’s Choice has said about where the fabric is grown, and how it is manufactured.

I highly recommend looking into and supporting products from President’s Choice. They invest the money into making positive changes for our future with environmental technology to change things for the better.

Visit the President’s Choice site today.