Organic Light Emitting Diode TV’s and Other Gadgets

We now have what is called an organic television. It is called an OLED, which stands for organic light emitting diode. The organic molecules create light when you add electricity to it, this is how OLED operates. The OLED consists of a conductive layer, an emissive layer, a substrate, an anode and cathode. Phosphorescent OLED can also be made in this manner.

OLED was discovered in the 1950’s at the Nancy University and in the 1960’s Martin Pope and another group began to work with OLED to. This has continued until the millennium and now it is a reality.

They are an environmental choice for many reasons. They can make these televisions to be less than a quarter inch thick for one, which means less waste. They do not require a backlight which means they will use less power. This could mean so many great possibilities for electronics, not only for the television.

They have begun to sell the OLED televisions quite some ago, however people still do not know that we have come as far as to be able to make a television out of organic matter. They are very costly and can run you into thousands of dollars. You can check out the OLED buying guide online, and find out the cost of one. Check between a variety of places for the best deal, or wait a bit of time until they lower the cost of them a bit.

Since the OLED is a light emitting diode, this could mean endless possibilities with our lamps or any other electronic device that emits light. Think of the realm of possibilities this could lead too.

Philips is already playing with the concept of the lighting, calling it the lumniblade. The engadget link below has a beautiful picture of the product.

The world’s first OLED lamps have already been built by Osram and designed by Inger Maurer. Visit the site to see the photograph of this creation.

OLED is a brand new revolution of technology that will not make a negative impact on our environment. A new concept of lighting and screens made of organic material. OLED will be a green technology that is going to change the field of technology in electronics all together. Who would have thought we would see this? Embrace this new time in technology, these new inventions that will be become main stream in most technological companies. Embrace the future of OLED and OLED TV.