Evergreen Content is an SEO Strategy

Every writer should be writing evergreen content. Evergreen content is writing material that will be viewed for month’s even years after. It is projectile writing for the future.

Writing only on topics that are current is not going to keep your viewers streaming to your pages.

At first it might be frustrating to only see limited views, but it will continue and increase over time. Increasing page views is how a writer continues making money, and lets the editor know the value of your work.

Gossip, celebrity and current news is not evergreen material, and will affect your quality and value as a writer to continue to succeed. You want your articles to be continuously searched for.

Evergreen content is content such as the following suggestions.

1) Health

It is unfortunate but disease and health issues rarely change over time. People will continue to search for information on how to help cure a headache.

2) Gardening

Gardening is a way of helping with sustainability and environmental issues. It is a way of remaining frugal by growing your own vegetables. Throughout history it has been proven that recessions, depressions, and financial crises keep occurring.

3) Finance Management

Recessions and a repeat of history prove that we will continuously need advice in financial management. Tips and ideas, software that is easy to use to control your money at home or in business.

4) Environmental technology

Green writing and environmental knowledge is also a projectile project. Governments are beginning to make this part of their political platforms.

Technology always changes, there is always something better or new to come into the picture. When writing about technology try to keep to the topics listed above. The newest products may not gain views further on, unless it is environmental or has something to do with helping with your finances.

Keeping a very healthy balance of evergreen material, mixed with current events and current trends, keeps your numbers at a healthy number. Websites need to do a healthy balance in order to survive and gather views on a permanent basis.

Consider this a form of SEO, or what is called search engine optimization. Search engine optimization is about increasing views to your websites, articles and to your pages. Evergreen content falls into this category. SEO is not only about html Meta tags, keywords, or linking. It is unique writing material, and one that will continue to give you revenue.