DiTzabled Princess: A Comical Diary Inspired by Real Life

Meet Jewel Kats, the 33-year-old “ditzabled princess” who celebrates life with her family, pets, colleagues, and other characters she interacts with every now and then. Kats is fun-loving, demanding shopaholic Diva, and everyone loves her. Her hot pink elbow crutch only adds to her charm and sweetness, and to the colorful look of this title from the Marvelous Spirit Press (2013).

In DiTzabled Princess, Jewel Kats portrays the essence of her life’s pleasures in a series of comic strips. Kat’s eponymous character of an urban “princess” is a lively soul and loves to remain the spoiled girl of her dear ones, particularly of her mom and hubby. Her choices and abilities light the pages for her readers.

Besides the content, a major appeal of Kat’s book surely is its look. The superb illustrations by artist Katarina Andriopoulos make this work an attraction with creative page layout, design, and vibrant colors.

DitzAbled Princess01

Kat’s DiTzabled Princess is primarily a hot read for women, more particularly those who have any disability or self-confidence issues. But it is a cool read for anyone having a taste for books that value one’s daily life.

DiTzabled Princess

72 pages

ISBN: 978-1615991839

Published by Marvelous Spirit Press

Amazon Page: DiTzabled Princess

At the time of writing, on Amazon it has 4.7 out of 5 stars.

Author Website: www.jewelkats.com