Did World Famous Psychic Edgar Cayce Predict Current World Events?

edgar-cayce-wynn-freeEdgar Cayce died in 1945 and left a legacy of 15,000 readings, where he went into a trance state, reportedly never remembering what he said. His children reportedly opened a library of his work, transcribed by his daughter Gertrude, which reportedly led to five hundred books written about his life and readings, with one of those books becoming a New York Times best seller.

Many of the psychic readings by Edgar Cayce were health diagnoses of his clients. According to author Wynn Free, Cayce demonstrated the ability to precisely read the state of their bodies with medical precision and his diagnoses were often confirmed when the client saw a medical doctor afterwards.

Wynn Free states that Cayce “also was able to tell someone who they were in a past life and how the past life was impacting their present life. He also made many predictions for the future, many of which came to pass.” The following information, according to Wynn Free – “demonstrates some of Cayce’s prognostications which still may be pending.”

“It’s pretty obvious,” states Wynn, that “Planet Earth is in the middle of a huge shift and this was all foreshadowed in the Cayce prophecies.” Some of these relevant quotes by Cayce are as follows;

“Though there may come those periods when there will be great stress, as brother against brother, as group or sect or race against race – yet the leveling must come …

“There must eventually come a revolution in this country – and there will be a dividing of the sections as one against another. For these are the leveling means and manners to which men resort when there is plenty in some areas and a lack of sustenance in others.”

“Without the brotherhood of the world, there will again come Armageddon, and in the same there will be seen that the Christian forces will again move westward! … “

“As to the conditions in the geography of the world, of the country, changes here are gradually coming about. Many portions of the East Coast will be disturbed, as well as many portions of the West Coast, as well as the central portion of the United States.”

According to author Wynn Free, “Many millions have been influenced by the work of this man.” One of the books about him became a New York Times best seller and The History Channel did a one hour special on his life. Cayce predicted that he might reincarnate in this period and many readers of author Wynn Free’s book The Reincarnation of Edgar Cayce believe he has. The first part of the book tells the compelling story linking this individual to Cayce, with the second part of the book having his current readings and prophecies. Some comments about the book by readers are as follows;

“The information resonated as Truth deep within my being as the explanation was given for the rather unique period in the history of humankind we are in.” – Reverend Beverly Craig, Unity Minister, La Canada

“Some of the most lucid and loving advice/wisdom I have ever read” – Amazon Review

“If Edgar Cayce is really back in the world, this is an epic event for spiritual seekers everywhere and skeptics as well.” – Amazon Review

“Ten stars for author Wynn Free on The Reincarnation of Edgar Cayce. This book has removed this reviewer’s fear of death and has opened her heart to the most profound source of love and light she has ever experienced” – Maryel Mckinley, PHD, Syndicated book reviewer and host host KABC talk radio

Readers can get excerpts from The Reincarnation of Edgar Cayce at www.returnofedgar.com. Journalists and talk show hosts may request a review copy of the book at[email protected]

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