Book Review: Swimsuit by James Patterson and Maxine Paetro

“Swimsuit – It’s to Die For,” the cover of this cadaverous thriller shouts. Dramatic? It definitely is, but is also certainly in keeping with the theme of the book.

For those who like thrillers, I do recommend this book. It’s creepy, chilling, and the story seems extraordinarily real. However, for those of you more sensitive to blood, gore, kinky sex and human atrocities, consider passing this one up.

The story starts off with an innocent young swimsuit model, who inexplicably goes missing around the time her parents receive an unusual phone call in the wee hours of the morning. Join the hunt as the parents turn the case over to reporter Ben Hawkins, former policeman and future father.

In the meantime, the killer has his own story to tell – .

The story is well-written, and there isn’t any dialogue that will make you cringe. For me, the biggest attraction and detraction from the book is the realism. For a few brief moments, I absolutely believed that James Patterson was really Ben Hawkins.

I will also say that I didn’t like the story, but thrillers are not one of my favorite genres. I didn’t care for the violence, and I also didn’t care for the big ‘theme’ money-makers. It’s my opinion that any book that includes swimsuit models, patriotic cops, twisted sex and a devious serial killer is going to be a popular book, even if it’s terrible. However, this book is not terrible (at least in the writing of it) and I still recommend this book for those who like the genre. It is definitely an interesting story.

If your literary tastes run towards twisted human psychology and necrotic sexual games, you will want to read this book to learn more. Recommended for some.