Norton vs. Advanced SystemCare

Recently, IObit has received thousands of complaints from its users stating that Advanced SystemCare 3 has compatibility issues with Norton Internet Security 2010 and Norton 360 V4. Namely, both Norton Internet Security and Norton 360 V4 require uninstalling Advanced SystemCare 3 during their installation process. See discussions in our forum

According to IObit’s iterative and serious tests and feedback from millions of users, there is absolutely no compatibility problem!

Thus IObit started contacting Symantec on the issue. For the past few months IObit has been actively contacting Symantec and asking them to resolve this issue. However, Symantec refused to fix it by telling IObit that this issue lies in both programs use real-time protection for spyware, virus and etc, and Symantec engineering department has designed it that way on purpose. IObit explained to Symantec that Advanced SystemCare 3 is only a system utility to diagnose and optimize Windows and there is no real-time security protection or monitoring in Advanced SystemCare 3. Still Symantec refused to correct it without any solid evidence of their claims except repeating this untenable excuse.

“IObit is a young and small Internet company, who keeps making high-quality and popular software for Internet users. and we value every user’s rights and benefits and we don’t want to cause any trouble. IObit really wants this issue to be addressed by both parties, and we are doing our part. We want the giant corporation Symantec to fix this issue or else we have the reason to doubt that Symantec is taking unfair competition strategy to beat their they-believe-to-be competitors,” said Hugo, President of IObit.

About IObit: IObit ( is an innovative and young company founded in 2004 by two young programmers. With the release and popularity of Advanced WindowsCare v1 in 2005, IObit has become one of the most successful new companies in the Internet. IObit is also a provider of award-winning software products designed to deliver superior performance, protection and security to PC users.