Will Misty Croslin Crack When Ronald Cummings Takes The Witness Stand?

Ronald Cummings will testify at trial against his former wife, Misty Croslin, and her brother, Tommy Croslin, in exchange for a 15-year reduced sentence. Ronald has 5 drug trafficking charges himself, and as part of the deal, his attorney, Terry Shoemaker is getting two of the most serious charges dropped. But is there a hidden, ulterior motive to this plea bargain that pits Ron against Misty and Tommy?

Video surveillance evidence of eight prescription drug deals by these misbegotten Satsuma youth has been obtained already. Five of the tapes have Ron in them. I don’t think the prosecutor really needs Ron’s testimony; they already have enough to put Misty and Tommy away for a very, very long time. Therefore, the occasion of this plea bargain must be a horse of a different color.

That is, maybe this is a ploy by the prosecutor to apply pressure to Misty Croslin, by her former paramour, but someone who has a motive to get her to talk. Ron’s daughter, Haleigh Cummings is permanently gone, and Misty was babysitting her at the time she went missing. Has Ron been playing a game of cat and mouse all along? Some 007 sleuthing perhaps? Why did Ron marry Misty two months after little Haleigh vanished, only to divorce her six months later?

Even still, fifteen years is a long time in jail for a man only 26 years of age. And its mind boggling how stupid these people must be, out selling drugs when they had been swamped by the media in the days following Haleigh’s disappearance. Duh! Right after they married, Misty and Ron were even on the Today Show. Equally mind boggling, is the notion that Ron was undercover in the marriage and drug sting, so as to squeeze the truth out of Misty as to his precious daughter’s whereabouts. No cigar.

I sense that Misty is hardening herself, distancing herself from Ron permanently, making an icy break, because he’s turned on her forever now, and it’s cold as ice in a lonely jail cell, and she’s only eighteen. Misty very well could spend the rest of her days in jail. That’s the cold facts, Mam. I don’t believe we’ll ever really know exactly what happened. The circumstances were so chance, so unlikely, that no one person can see the big picture. Each player in this drama sees only fragments of the truth, and especially we the people.

With no closure for miles in sight, I became a parcel nostalgic last night. I will link for you the last article by News4Jax in Jacksonville, Florida. News4Jax has archived all of its articles on Misty, Ron, Tommy, Flo, Joe and the related cast of characters from Satsuma. The articles are below the linked piece and go all the way back to February 10, 2009. Don’t miss the tour of Ron’s trailer where this all went down.

My favorite is Missing Girl’s Father to Marry Thursday, from March 11, 2009. The previous night Ron got on his knees at Chili’s and proposed to Misty, saying, “Will you marry me?” As odd as this seems, this weird couple may have actually been in love. That is so cold that Ron is turning on that little girl now. And it so cold that he may have just planted himself in this situation in order to set up the Croslins. But the loss of his precious little daughter is the coldest of all-likely devoured by angry alligators in the St. John’s River!

An event that caught my eye last night was Ron’s arrest in August of 2009 for burglary and assault. Ron got into a row with Tommy and Tommy called the cops. Ron and Tommy didn’t like each other very much. This is just theory, but suppose that Ron owed ‘these people’ money over drugs. Then maybe this would explain why Tommy and Joe cruised by the trailer ‘that night’ to take the gun for payment of drugs. Cousin Joe is fueled by speed, and kills Haleigh in a fit of rage when the gun is missing! Now Ron gets his revenge on the Croslins in court!

News4Jax archive of Haleigh/Ron/Misty/Tommy articles-start reading!