Wednesday, January 17, 2018
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Rose M. Garland, a successful graduate from the school of hard knocks, in the US foster care system, writes a daily blog to faithful readers about emotional self-help. As an editor, Rose catches those little slips that writers often make, so readers don't have to!

Kraft Employee Kills Two Co-Workers, Leaves One Critically Wounded

Breaking news of a 43 year old woman, Yvonne Hiller, who shot 3 people, killing two and critically wounding one with a .357 Magnum.

Living With Depression

Those that don't have reoccurring Depression often really don't understand it. Even still, in today's 'more enlightened' age people with Depression hear platitudes and judgmental 'truths' from people that have no understanding of the disease

American Generosity is a Form of Patriotism

Americans will and are still stepping up to provide aid for Pakistan and Afghanistan, because we are a people that don't like to see innocents, especially kids, suffering from lack of food, blankets, shelter or medications.

The IRS Has Improved – Hasn’t It?

The IRS HAS definitely gotten friendlier in the last 5 years, but there's still as much red tape as there ever was. And here's an amusing example...

Interview With Criminal Profiler, Pat Brown on the Flint Michigan Serial...

To get more information on this case and on serial killers in general, I spoke with the well-known Pat Brown, a respected criminal profiler who has worked on a lot of national cases.

Advice for ‘Help, I’ve Been Written Up!’

One of the problems in the corporate world, is that it doesn't really matter who you are, or what you mean to do. What does matter is how you are PERCEIVED.

Book Review: The Profiler, My Life Hunting Serial Killers and Psychopaths

The entire story of how she tried to bring the serial killer to justice, and, to all appearances, failing in that endeavor, is extremely thought provoking and suggests inadequacies in the current ways crime is investigated.

Small Special Needs Publishing Company To Pay Big Legal Bills for...

The well-known toy manufacturer, designer, marketer and distributor Mattel, Inc, has been involved in a legal dispute with a small company that specializes in teaching materials for Special Needs and Autistic children...

Rumors that Al Franken Won MN Election With Illegal Votes By...

If you read the article carefully, it never actually says that the felons all voted for Al Franken - just that they 'may have.' Of course the article never suggests that they all could have voted for the other guy just as easily and how he may st

I Still Support Obama

I'm only a moderate Democrat, and a slight one at that, meaning I mostly vote for Dem's, but throw in some Republican and third party candidates too.