A Great Solution to Hosting Your Podcast

Mypodcast.com offers you a free platform to host and load your podcasts to be heard by others. You must sign up for an account, and download their program to your computer so you can record your voice to submit to your podcast page.

The voice recording program is very simple to use. Once you are finished recording your podcast you simply click on the publish button and it will take you directly to your page to be loaded for it to be heard. It is a simple but effective voice recording program.

Free website templates are offered to use for your web design and layout. For more advanced users who understand CSS and HTML, you can play with the templates they offer you to use to make it a more personal page to your specifics.

The website you are given does not allow linking, nor anything other than the podcasts to be loaded. The profile option is where you would place this sort of information for your listeners to discover more about you, and to locate you in other areas of the Internet. This would include another website or profile page you might have.

Once you log into the home page you will be taken to another page that is the control features to your site and podcast station. Previewing your website from that page is also a feature located at the top of the page.

The profile page is a must use. The profile page enables readers to discover more about you, your interests, and what you do for a living. You can use JavaScript and html widgets to your other sites as a form of linking for contact and to reach you on other sites you use.

If you have a strong desire for radio broadcasting and an important message to share, I strongly suggest using this site to begin to learn how to use podcasts effectively. Podcasts enable those who are blind to listen to your message. It is also highly used by those who cannot read.

Please take precautions on copyright materials and infringement. They do not allow a reading of a published book copyrighted to another individual. It must be your own personal message, and owned by the person contributing the podcast.

It is another form of social media to share your writing, your ideas, and your knowledge to connect with others in the same frame of mind but using your voice instead.