The Bread Machine Bible by Anne Sheasby

“The Bread Machine Bible” by Anne Sheasby is a must-have for your dining pleasure at home. With over 100 recipes of basic to exotic breads for the expert or novice, she has combined them into a comprehensive and well-illustrated guide for making bread.

Bakeries in many of the communities have been combined into supermarkets and the local bakery is quickly fading into the past. Along with this, has been the disappearance of specialty breads which many of us have enjoyed through the years. With increasing prices for those being sold at the major chain stores and the lack of old-time texture, we are being pushed into creating our own alternatives.

One of the best gifts for your home this holiday season is a new bread machine and a copy of this book. Directions on how to make these breads are straight-forward and easy to follow. They not only taste good, but are good looking. Many of the breads are mixed in the bread machine on the dough cycle and then placed in the oven for baking. This adds to the fun of being able to show off your creation to company.

Anne Sheasby has written over 15 cookbooks, is an accomplished authority on cooking, and is able to tell others how to make healthy foods at home. Anne is well-known throughout the United Kingdom, where she resides, and her books are esteemed world-over as being authoritative and practical.

The Bread Machine Bible

Author: Anne Sheasby

ISBN: 1844837955, Pages: 176, $19.95, Publication Date: 2009, Hardcover, Cookbook, Published by: Sterling Publishing Co.,Inc.