The Female Nostradamus: Psychic to the Stars Rose Stuart

Named The Female Nostradamus, Psychic to the Stars Rose Stuart, an internationally known psychic medium, who has been in business for over 30 years, says her psychic abilities go back nine generations on her mother’s side.

About Nostradamus

Perhaps the most famous psychic of all time, Nostradamus, has been read and studied by millions around the world, for centuries. According to Wikipedia, “Catherine de’ Medici, wife of King Henry II of France, was one of Nostradamus’s greatest admirers, ” and it is stated, “After reading his almanacs for 1555, which hinted at unnamed threats to the royal family, she summoned him to Paris to explain them and to draw up horoscopes for her children.” The Queen reportedly even made him Chief Counselor and Physician for her beloved son; King Charles the Ninth. of France.

The Female Nostradamus

Like Nostradamus, Rose Stuart astonishingly confesses that she to has had visions and premonitions since a small child, beginning at the young age of just 4 years old. As earlier reported–like Nostradamus, she believes her abilities are a gift from God and, as such, should only be utilized for good to help others, which she says she strives to do in her work. Rose tells it like it is to her client, and does not mince words. She says that she takes her work very seriously, and states, “My work is my religion.” Rose adds that she appreciates how her work has helped the lives of many from around the world.

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Ordained Minister

As an ordained minister, Rose says she is qualified to perform weddings, and funerals. She adds that she particularly enjoys to perform baptism and weddings.

Certified Life Coach

As a certified life coach, Rose mentions that her life work is focused on benefiting others. As a licensed marriage counselor, she states that she also specializes in helping to re-unite lovers and loved ones. She reports that she can also assist in removing negative energy, casting out evil spirits, conducting exorcisms (which the Catholic Church also does), reading one’s aura (energy field) and giving astrology, tarot card readings, palm readings, and past life regressions, among more. She is also skilled in Reiki healing and holistic healing, in addition to other modalities, as reported earlier this month on News Blaze.

Locating Missing Children and Animals

As mentioned earlier on Fox news, Rose has donated her services to successfully help find missing children, and solve cold case murders, among more. She has also helped to find lost pets including lost dogs. She further reminds people, as noted on ABC news online, that scientifically, we are all comprised of quantum energy, on a subatomic level. She says that she merely taps in to the life force energies that are all around us.

The Horse Whisperer

As stated earlier on News Blaze, Rose is also an animal whisperer, helping not only horse owners, but also even dog and cat pet owners, owners of reptiles, and farmers with better communication with their pets, breed, and cattle.

The Rose Boutique

As discussed earlier in the news, Rose’s new store The Rose Boutique, Etc. #3, offers a place to buy many unique new products including; special crystals, incense, special hand made jewelry, and even special healing stones.

Booking a Session with Rose

For a personal reading with Rose, clients may visit her store, or call her at any of her numbers below.

Visit Rose Stuart at:

The Rose Boutique, Etc.
1201 10th Av, South, Suite 102 A
Great Falls, Montana, 59405
Tel: 406-866-0733

Also Visit Rose Stuart at:

The Rose Boutique, Etc. #2
906 9th St. W.
Columbia Falls, Montana, 59912
Tel: 406-788-5348

And Visit:

The Rose Boutique Etc. #3
1117 S. Main Street
Kalispell, Montana, 59901
Call Rose from anywhere in the world at:
Tel: 406-866-0733 and also Tel: 406-788-5348

E-mail Rose directly at: [email protected]

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