Indie Author Introduces A New “Matrix” Series That Will Blow You Away

Fans of the matrix movies will be glad to know that the saga didn’t end with the last showdown between neo and smith. Or at least not for one sci-fi writer who intends to resurrect the story with a new series of books called The Holy Gossip – Vol 1, 2 & 3.

This new storyline takes place 400 years after neo’s death freed humanity from the control of the matrix. And within that time humans have rebuilt the world, but through their affinity for sin they have managed to turn it into a living hell.

And because the god of the matrix agreed to free humanity, the computers have not interfered in human affairs – until now.

Until a rogue computer hacker who goes by the alias ( WHODeenE ) a radical who fancies himself a religious leader – awakens the matrix. He believes it to be the only salvation from the hell humanity has created for themselves.

He sets out on a crusade spreading The Holy Gossip, a trick designed to lead humanity back into the artificial dream world of the matrix. And because there is no rebellion around to oppose his evil plan – there may be no stopping him – got your interest yet ?

This new series was first published in 2016, and without any mainstream media attention it has already become a cult classic. Uniquely written, the author takes you deep into the inner workings of the matrix and the philosophy that created it.

Leaving you asking the question : Is becoming a slave to fantasy a better alternative to facing the harsh realities of life?

Available on – This mind-bending series starts with The Holy Gossip : Beginnings by King Nazir Muhammad. And It will surely satisfy your matrix fetish until a new movie is released, hopefully sometime in the near future.


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