ShaveMate…Simplify your Shaving, Simplify your Life!

What is the ShaveMate Revolution?

Pete: The definition of a “Revolution” is: a sudden, complete, or marked change in something. That’s exactly what ShaveMate offers; a complete change in daily shaving to what we believe is an easier and more convenient way.

Lou: ShaveMate combines premium 6 blades and real shaving cream inside for the Ultimate All-in-One Razor. So with ShaveMate, you get super performance, super convenience, and super value all in one easy to use razor! This has never been done before, ShaveMate provides a different, simple and easy shaving experience, and this is what the ShaveMate Revolution is all about.

How did the idea of ShaveMate come about?

Lou: We noticed daily shaving becoming complicated and expensive with all the separate shaving items sold to consumers simply to shave. Bathroom vanity counters and showers alike were cluttered up with all these separate shaving items and the rust rings, and the mess from the cans oozing. In stark contrast, ShaveMate makes shaving so easy with no mess! We think a better shaving experience is simple and quick shaving with great performance too. With ShaveMate All-in-One Razors you get all of that, everything you need to shave with is right in the palm of your hand.

Pete: Because the shaving cream is actually inside the ShaveMate razor itself, you just press the button, spread the premium foam and shave! It’s just that easy! Then add our 6 blade razor head and you get the great performance as well. Our Motto is: “ShaveMate…Simplify your Shaving, Simplify your Life!” And we believe this!

Why did you decide to have six sharp razor blades and shaving cream inside the handle?

Lou: Our goal is to make the perfect razor for everyone. It took us over 10 years of R & D to combine the very best of design, blades, shaving cream, and unique features to make the new ShaveMate Diva6 and Titan6. ShaveMate combines real shaving cream with 6 premium blades plus our many other features, so shaving consumers have Comfort, Performance, and Convenience, all in one easy to use and stylish razor.

Do you consider ShaveMate the successor to Gillette and


Lou: No, not at all, we do not believe ShaveMate is the successor to any razors. ShaveMate is a unique offering in a niche category of combination all in one razors, very different from traditional shaving. ShaveMate is simply our common sense approach to easier daily shaving because of its all in one design, premium 6 blades, shave cream inside, and other special features, and already it seems consumers are happy with their ShaveMates. We do not consider ShaveMate a replacement to any other razors, but an innovative alternative razor choice for consumers.

How did it feel that your product was picked up by a successful retail franchise like Walgreens?

Pete: To be sold at Walgreens is just great. Now everyone nationwide can easily purchase ShaveMate, and we appreciate Walgreens making ShaveMate easily available to their customers.

Lou: We would like to thank Meijer Stores, and Food City Stores, and others for selling ShaveMate brand razors also, and on-line at, too.

What has been the response so far?

Pete: The response to ShaveMate Diva and Titan has been extremely positive! We get calls, e-mails, and letters in all the time expressing how much consumers like their ShaveMate All-in-One Razors. In fact, we just received a hand written letter that says it all: (quoting from the letter)

“I’ve never written to a company before, but after using your new ShaveMate razor system, I just had to write you. …6 blades plus built in shaving cream, well let me tell you, when I was in the shower I used it, I just couldn’t believe how smooth my face was after using it. …as long as you’re making this product, I’ll be buying it. … After using it I don’t have to shave twice a day anymore. … The smoothness of the 6 blades plus I don’t have to reach for the shaving cream, makes such a difference in shaving. … I look forward to shaving now, thanks to you.” Bob – South Yarmouth, MA

Are you in the process of developing other products in the near future? What’s next for the Tomassetti brothers?

Pete: We are true inventors, we’re always thinking of the next big thing, however right now are totally focused on ShaveMate Diva6 and Titan6 which keeps us very busy.

Lou: The Diva6 and Titan6 are awesome All-in-One razors and we need to get the word out on these new ShaveMates right now. Our ShaveMate new products pipeline is truly interesting. In the future, there will definitely be more patented break-through shaving products coming from ShaveMate, you can bet on it. We say: ShaveMate, “The Future of Shaving is Here!” This is not just our slogan, we actually mean it!

About the Tomassetti Brothers:

“Inventor brothers” Louis D. and Peter C. Tomassetti are the CEO/President and Vice President of LPI Consumer Products, Inc. as well as the creators behind ShaveMate All-in-One Razors.

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