Electric Car Nissan Leaf Hits US Streets and Promises to Reduce Pollution

In efforts to reduce air pollution, decrease dependence on fossil fuel, and reinvigorate the automobile industry, Nissan Leaf, the first new-generation electric car was driven off in Chicago and is set to enter the auto market in the coming years.

Howard Learner, Executive Director of the Environmental Law & Policy Center (ELPC), is very optimistic about the promise electric cars bring to reduce pollution. “Today’s modern electric car technology is both real and available,” Learner said. “When electric cars are powered by renewable energy sources, they can be a big part of the pollution reduction solution. These ‘cars of the future’ are here today, and we look forward to driving them soon in the Midwest.”

About one-third of the US’ global warming pollution comes from the transport sector. Traditional vehicles that are petroleum based produce soot and smog that pose threat to public health. As an alternative, electric vehicles are seen as part of an important solution to address these problems especially when vehicle owners shift to cars that use renewable energy.

The ELPC has been working to promote electric vehicle use in areas like Chicago and Northern Illinois where low-carbon sources of electricity make electric vehicles a good choice for the environment.