Paramount Digital Entertainment to Release Paramount Silverlight Enhanced Movies for Windows Phone 7

Paramount Digital Entertainment connected with Microsoft, to create and release ten enhanced movie apps for Paramount Pictures’ films. The apps have been created specifically and exclusively for Windows Phone 7.

Paramount Digital Entertainment’s apps are SCHOOL OF ROCK, released today in the U.S. and Canadian Windows Phone Marketplace. Additional titles are scheduled to be released in the U.S. and international markets by the end of the year.

Microsoft Silverlight technology is the underlying platform used to build the apps, which include full movie plus menus, bonus features.

Paramount Digital Entertainment says there are addional “unique experiences not available on other platforms to deliver a rich connected consumer experience to Windows Phone 7.”

Other Silverlight Enhanced Movies include

  • school of rock

    “Through our relationship with Microsoft, we’re able to provide consumers new, enhanced ways to enjoy movies from anywhere on Windows Phone 7. Using Silverlight technology and adding interactive and social networking features, our enhanced movie apps transform the movie viewing experience into a true entertainment experience.” – Geremie Camara, VP Product Development for Paramount Digital Entertainment

    Special features included in the enhanced movie apps are the ability to create custom clips, view the movie with pop-up trivia powered by ‘Scene It?’, and the ability to identify actors, objects, music, and places in the movie, known as the Movie Info feature. The Movide Info feature also provides rich contextual information, including bios, descriptions, and maps to the locations.

    Three external companies, Digitalsmiths, Hypershow and Trailer Park created the apps for Paramount Digital Entertainment.

    Paramount Digital Entertainment and the developers worked closely with Microsoft to get the apps out before Christmas, and probably so they could issue a positive press release. In that release, Todd Brix, the senior director of Windows Phone Marketplace said “The Windows Phone 7 developer ecosystem creates a range of quality apps and games, that take advantage of the proprietary phone’s unique features and design.”

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