Routine Back-Ground Check Exposes Fake Doctor

William Hamman, for 15 years, passed himself off as a doctor that ended with a routine back-ground check.

Hamman, 58, of Michigan received millions of dollars in research grants, consulting fees and salaries at Western Michigan University as well as Beaumont Hospital in Royal Oak.

He didn’t treat patients and never applied for physician admitting privileges at Beaumont.

It didn’t sit well with a staffer, distrust stirred and calls to the University of Wisconsin that confirmed Hamman wasn’t the man he claimed to be, a doctor and PhD researcher.

The deceit has administrators wondering how Hamman could have fooled them.

Faced with the facts, Hamman resigned in June as medical director of Beaumont’s medical simulation and research program, where he had worked since January 2009, per spokeswoman Colette Stimmell.